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NASA is an Afro Fusion track written by Kays in preparation for a full album releasing 2023. Taking you on a trip through this song you will learn about how Kays has elevated on a spiritual and creative level unleashing a beast inside.

Steady in his zone with no distractions Kays has been rising to the top and into a space where he is untouchable as he preaches “I’m Higher than NASA” meaning he is so up that nothing can bring him down, no doubts or opinions from others can hold him back from his destiny.

NASA is just a taste of what to be expected from the Album KAYS WORLD –

There you will authentically learn and truly understand in depth, about Kays life experiences on past relationships, losses, challenges and wins, Kays will never settle until he has fully invested in himself, there is no limit for him and he will answer to nobody. This is a raw album that speaks truth within KAYS WORLD. Each track is a story wether it be about him personally or inspired by Kays environment. There is surely a relatable track for everyone.

Kays has always felt like a different being “Alien” if you will, a well known theory that they live in outer space. Kays has decided to rise above NASA and has created his very own world with all control and no one to dictate him.


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