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#BBTitans Live Show 3, 29 Jan: Sandra and Theo Traw are out!

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#BBTitans Live Show 3, 29 Jan: Sandra and Theo Traw are out!

Tensions were high in the Big Brother house, today – a total of eight housemates were up for eviction, and everybody was aware that at least two would be leaving. Luckily for them, it turned out to be exactly that – the minimum.

As it happens, the pair known as Santheo – Sandra and Theo Traw – did not receive enough of your votes to continue in Big Brother Titans. Earlier in the day, Biggie had them in the diary session to talk about how they were feeling, and what they regarded as the highlights of their time in the house.

“There’s been so much,” gushed Sandra. “My first highlight would be walking into the house the way I did,” she continued, referencing her surprise entrance along with three other housemates. She was also happy with her contribution to this week’s successful wager task. “I never thought I could do something with my hands and get creative.” She may be among the first to leave the house, but it seems she’s not leaving without having learnt a few valuable lessons about herself.

Theo also enjoyed entering the house as a surprise, but he thought that he may have become confrontational too early and put a target on his back. “Maybe I could have handled things a lot better,” he admitted. Regret – it’s just the worst.

Unfortunately for them, it was their name that Ebuka announced as the first evicted pair of the season, and the two made their way to the live stage.

While being interviewed on stage after leaving the house, Theo Traw expressed that he was “at a loss for words. I wanted to stay a little longer.” As to why he didn’t get to do that, he thinks he didn’t do enough to “engage more with the housemates,” going on to show frustration that he “didn’t get much from them in terms of trying to have conversation.”

Sandra, for her part, seemed a bit more upbeat, even though her eviction came as a surprise. “I wasn’t expecting to go out.” When pressed if she thought it might be her fiery personality that had her in the other housemates’ sights during nominations, she responded with, “you know the vibes. I’m always fire. I was stepping on toes and cracking necks.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the first live eviction went down. For the remaining housemates, it must really have begun to sink in: this is for real, now. Everybody needs to raise their game.

Watch the show 24/7 on DStv 198 and GOtv 29, 129, and 329.

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