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VIDEO: #BBTitans Live Show 8 – Four housemates evicted!

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VIDEO: #BBTitans Live Show 8 – Four housemates evicted!

After a quiet fortnight with zero evictions, the stakes suddenly got a lot higher with two pairs – four housemates in total – being evicted from the house during tonight’s live show, making it a lot emptier suddenly.

This comes after what has already been a tough week: unrequited love, a failed wager task, and arguments have marked the week as possibly the toughest the housemates have had to endure since the game started. Some of them might have seen this coming, of course: as we’ve said so many times, simple maths would have told them that big cuts were on the way. There are only so many weeks of the game left, after all.

While the housemates may have expected a rough night, witnessing it actually go down is another thing. Yemi Cregx, Nelisa, Juicy Jay, and Olivia were the unlucky four who were told to make their way out of the front door, tonight, and we’re certain they had the hardest time with the whole thing.

During her diary session earlier today, Nelisa mentioned that she was feeling nervous, although she was trying to remain positive. She said that the mood in the house has been getting better because the housemates have realised that they have no control over what happens during the live show – she certainly had that right. Yemi, on the other hand, felt that the mood in the house was “dragging”, which seems to comport with what we’ve seen going on.

Following their exit from the house and their entrance on stage, Yemi Cregx was slow to adjust to the new environment. “I don’t know what I’m doing here, I should be in there, right now.” We suppose 49 days in the same house can have that effect. When asked about her semi-ship with Thabang, Nelisa said, “I really like Thabang, he’s such a genuine soul when he wants to be.” She did express concern that he is now in the house, alone with Khosi. “There’s a certain someone we left in the house, right Yemi?”

“Whatever happens, I’ll just wait and see.” Yip – by watching it on TV.

As for Juicy Jay and Olivia, both told Biggie that they partied up a storm during the Saturday Night Party, so at least they leave with a good memory to finish off their stay. Looking back, Juicy Jay felt that he had always been encouraging to other housemates, a sentiment with which we have to agree. He was positivity, personified. Olivia said that not being up for eviction can make one feel the pressure more, because you have to remain sensitive to others’ feelings.

Speaking to Lawrence and Ebuka, Juicy Jay remained positive. “I don’t think I did anything wrong. I enjoyed my time in the house.” That’s a good attitude to have. When pressed about her tendency to gossip, Olivia pushed back with, “I don’t gossip, I call it ‘analysing’.” Which is funny if a little bit inaccurate.

And with that, the house suddenly finds itself reduced to 12. Spare a thought for Khosi, who has just lost her bae, and Yvonne, who must feel like she’s just had surgery after her permanent lip-lock with Juicy has just been so rudely severed. On the other hand, we might finally discover what Thabang really thinks of Nelisa now that she’s no longer around to make her moves, and absence has a chance to make the heart grow fonder.

As they signed out of tonight’s show, Lawrence and Ebuka urged viewers to tune in to Monday’s live eviction show at 19:00 CAT / 18:00 WAT, as everyone would expect a “unique twist”. We’re not sure what that might mean, but we know we’ll be there to find out.

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