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BiG Light Records has been bought over by Ebenezer Enterprises


BiG Light Records has been bought over by Ebenezer Enterprises

BiG Light Records is an urban Christian record label based in Durban, South Africa. The label was founded by brother Joseph Joel Nsulunka better known as Jayjoel NANs and Silas J. Nsulunka also known as REAL S.O.A.K or as he likes to call himself “Young King”.

The label has 4 artists, the two brother, Phila ntuli an RNB/Soul artist as well as Claris Lottering who continued to be a songwriter after leaving the label. The label has released several records and reached thousands of listeners.

“Our aim was to touch as many hearts as possible…” says Jayjoel Nans (Founder of the label). The label was founded in 2013 and grew strength to strength over the years. “I could see us grow, I had a clear vision of where I wanted the company to go but the more we grew I could see that we weren’t heading to the right path. As much as we could see the fan base grow exponentially and growth within the business I personally didn’t see us reaching the initial goal that Jay and I had back in the beginning of 2013”, says Silas J. Nsulunka (BiG Light Records CEO, Artist). The two brothers became part of the board of Ebenezer Enterprises and because of project they had in mind and the success BiG Light Records had for a 3 year old company that started in a bedroom, Ebenezer Enterprises decided to buy the company and hand it over to the two to rebrand, redirect the vision to what they wanted it to be and this time around with more man power to support the vision.

As result to this major move that the two brothers have taken, BiG Light Records will no longer exist and the ideas the two brothers had merged together gave birth to INTROSPECT LABEL GROUP. The label group consists of two labels and a publishing division.

The following will be imprints of Introspect Label Group:

1) Introspect Music Group a record label and management company owned by Silas J. Nsulunka, this company will deal with creative artists that have an evangelic mindset of bringing light into the world.
2) Afronans Music Production, is a record label and production company lead by Jayjoel which focuses on promoting artist with an acoustic sound.

The Label group just serves as a home that will hold the two companies together and the label group still runs under the leadership of the two brothers but under the umbrella of Ebenezer Enterprises.

“We are proud to announce the birth of the label group, many may ask why did we split? Or why did BiG Light close down? Well we have a big vision and squeezing it all under one roof becomes difficult to fully explore the music business and to reach a broader audience. The gospel still remains unfiltered and its pure state just that it will be packaged in a better way with artists who are branded accordingly. On the behalf of BiG Light Records and the entire team I’d like to apologize for the delay on releases of artists that were on our roster. This switch is something we have been planning and praying for and it all makes sense now. All we can do is promise our supporters that this is honestly only the beginning, we wanted to start up fresh while BiG Light was still small so that we can get things right and push the brand in a way that will align to our vision. Now with Introspect Label Group all that happened is the vision has been divided into two and each label takes full responsibility of its perspective of tackling our goal of making music for the mind” says Silas J. Nsulunka (IMG CEO, Introspect Label Group co-founder).

Thus far only REAL S.O.A.K is signed to Introspect Music Group, the label seeks to sign a maximum of 3 artist for the next couple of years and grow their brands first. As for Introspect Label Group, the label group seeks to partner with more labels, publishing companies and management companies.

“It is a new beginning, but what’s more important about it, is that it is a good beginning” – Jayjoel NANs (ILG co-founder).

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