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Nigerian Doctor, Jide Ayomide shines at Mister Tourism World in Brazil


Nigerian Doctor, Jide Ayomide shines at Mister Tourism World in Brazil

Dr. Jide Ayomide, a distinguished medical doctor and the reigning Mr Ideal Nigeria – Tourism, is currently making history in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, as Nigeria’s first representative in the esteemed Mister Tourism World competition.

Competing against participants from over 30 countries, Dr. Ayomide secured his spot after earning the runner-up position at the 14th edition of Mr Ideal Nigeria. In Brazil, participants showcase their charm, intelligence, and cultural appreciation against the backdrop of the beautiful city of Salvador de Bahia.

The 7th edition of Mister Tourism World began on November 27th, with the grand finale scheduled for Sunday, December 3rd. Dr. Ayomide aims to make a lasting impression and potentially bring the Mister Tourism World title to Nigeria, highlighting the nation’s diversity and talent on the global stage.

Dr. Ayomide’s remarkable journey started with his outstanding performance at the Mr Ideal Nigeria pageant, where he secured the title of Mr Ideal Nigeria – Tourism. His success not only signifies personal achievement but also emphasizes the growing recognition of Nigeria’s talent in international male pageantry.

The prestigious Mr Ideal Nigeria competition, honored as “Male Competition of the Year” from 2019 to 2023, is dedicated to fostering male pageantry in Nigeria. It provides a platform for individuals like Dr. Ayomide to shine nationally and globally, contributing to the positive representation of the country.

Since its inception, Mr Ideal Nigeria has sent over 20 representatives to various international competitions, including Mister Africa International, Man of the World, Mr Universal Ambassador, and Mister West Africa. Notably, the competition has produced two Mister Africa titleholders, Emmanuel Umoh in 2020 and Rickie Osaze in 2023.

Dr. Jide Ayomide’s participation in Mister Tourism World not only marks a significant moment for himself but also symbolizes the increasing influence of Nigerian talent on the international stage. As the competition unfolds in Brazil, Nigerians eagerly await the results, celebrating Dr. Ayomide’s achievements and anticipating the positive impact of his representation on the global pageantry landscape.

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