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Big Brother Naija Day 72: Life outside the House

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Big Brother Naija Day 72: Life outside the House

Today Biggie quizzed the Housemates about how they were going to cope with all the pressures of the outside world and the Housemates impressed him with their insights though they were all admittedly quite nervous about what awaited them. Let’s take a look at the moments of introspection and the many pearls of wisdom they shared.

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Marvis revealed she was an introverted person who kept a small circle of friends and was very particular about the company she kept. When Biggie pressed her for a reason she said she struggled to open up to people. So why would this be an issue? Well, given her new found fame she was worried people might think she’s arrogant when she was really just guarding her heart. “I always ask myself what are your intentions for me? Why are you here?”

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For Bisola it was all about realising that fame is fleeting and making the most of this opportunity so she could take her career to new heights. She said her daughter was her biggest inspiration and that she never wanted her to go through what she had. She also said she hoped she’d stay grounded and never forget the people who were there for her when she was at “the lowest point” in her life.

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Efe said he wasn’t doing too great beause he’d lost all the Tasks he’d taken part in. Biggie shared some words of wisdom with him, reminding him that there were too kinds of winners, those who focused on collecting accolades and those who were true champions from the heart. He advised that he remember to be the latter while Efe sat and listened intently.

He then revealed that the reason he was so focused was because there was no going back considering the humble beginnings he was from. He then promised to remember to have more fun before revealing that he’d loved Davido’s visit and the very “practical” advise he’d shared with all of them.

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Debie-Rise was next and she was even bubblier than usual because she got the chance to be Head of House today without any of the stress of saving and replacing. She was the least worried of all the Housemates when Biggie asked about going into the outside world and copying with fame. She told him she’d count on her faith to be her guide and keep her humble and selfless.

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Closing things off was TBoss and it seems any meltdowns or apprehension about being liked were now fully behind her. She pointed out that she was looking forward to the pressure and was ready to take the Big Brother Naija platform and fly! Biggie was curious to learn if fame would change her and TBoss actually acknowledged that people thought she was arrogant, something she didn’t agree with, but she did say sometime she had “proud moments”. That said, all the support she’d gotten up til now seems to have humbled her. “I didn’t get here on my own!”

Big Brother Naija is on DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Plus on channel 29.

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