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Harvard’s Dj Deemaks Set To Headline Vancouver’s 2017 Harambecouver Parade


Harvard’s Dj Deemaks Set To Headline Vancouver’s 2017 Harambecouver Parade

With a focus on diversity and reconciliation, Harambecouver emerges as Vancouver’s newest Multicultural Pride Parade. Filled with a great deal of international artists, speakers and community leaders this growing attraction will promote the vibrance of sub cultures within the city often overshadowed by mainstream attractions.

The focus of this event will be promoting cultural pride in a vibrant and overtly celebrated demonstration of cultural attire, fashion, food, ethnic and contemporary forms of music and various performance arts and installation pieces. While the city’s growing event scene have their various niches, Harambecouver will showcase the multiculturalism of the city with it’s special focus being on prioritizing programming catered at people of African Descent and it’s indigenous allies in and around the DTES.

With the parade set to move around the Downtown East Side, attendees and participants will be able to shed light on areas in the city that’s often been swept under the rug. With Dj Deemaks headlining Harvard’s African Business Week, on the potential of art in rejuvenating marginalized communities, he brings his unique sound as headliner of this year’s Harambecouver.

Day one is set to feature notable speakers from top universities who will be speaking on the event’s theme; Integration! day two, dubbed culture fest lists a great deal of local and international artists set to perform for the community as part of a culture festival while members of the multicultural community are coming together to dance and celebrate together in the parade on the last day.

According to Kayode Fatoba, Creative Producer of Harambecouver, “Seeing the excitement in the community is a great feeling, it shows the need for this programming and having someone like Deemaks share sentiments of the same conversation occurring in Harvard shows the importance of this programming.”

Harambe starts August 25th – 27th at Thorton park, for more information visit:

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  1. Ana David

    July 17, 2017 at 8:43 pm

    Greetings can you do an article on this 17 years of Summer Fest? One Love Westcoast produced by Latin Summer Fest and VanMusic- Aug 11-13 at Swangard Stadium

    • AsuquoE

      July 19, 2017 at 3:27 am

      Sure why not?

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