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Countdown 100 movies to see before you die with the M-Net Movies Bucket List pop-up channel


Countdown 100 movies to see before you die with the M-Net Movies Bucket List pop-up channel

What is your absolute favourite film of all time? The one that opened your eyes, tugged at your heartstrings and made your soul leap with joy? Were you born in the golden age of cinema? Is there a stack of fantastic features your like-minded friends and family have been raving about, which you’re sad to admit you haven’t seen YET?  You now have the opportunity to tick off all the films you still need to watch – or enjoy again – before it’s time to kick the bucket!

M-Net and MultiChoice have created yet another exciting movies pop-up channel as a special treat to DStv Premium customers. Between Monday 30 October until Saturday 2 Decemberthe M-Net Movies Bucket List pop-up channel will count down 100 popular and iconic Hollywood movies to see before you die.

This selection of fine films and all-time favourites will be showcased on DStv’s channel 109with the first of the 100 movies scheduled for just after 18:00 on Thursday, 3 October.Thereafter, the countdown will continue all the way to the number one main attraction on Saturday, 2 December at 20:30. Depending on the duration and age-restrictions of these films, the daily countdown will kick off on weekdays at approximately 18:00 and on weekends just before or after 16:00.

To receive the nod for the coveted M-Net Movies Bucket List, compiled by an expert team of film fanatics, a movie had to be entrenched in popular culture, define an era, shift mediums, uproot the status quo, delight a variety of audiences, impress critics worldwide and be able to reignite your love for movies.

“Our themed pop-up channels such as the Star Wars, Harry PotterBlackOutFast and Furiousand James Bond channels have been huge hits and we promised to continue curating unique experiences for our M-Net Movies audiences,” says Jan du Plessis, Director: M-Net Channels. “With the M-Net Movie Bucket List we’re taking the pop-up concept to the next level. Never before have viewers been able to see so many magnificent game-changing movies in one place over such a short time.”

While M-Net Movies will share the titles from #100 to #11 on its programming schedules, the Top 10 films on the list will remain top secret. This means that the final films on the M-Net Movies Bucket List will only be revealed to DStv customers on the day of the screening, so you will have to be sure to tune in to channel 109 on the day that they air.

“Keeping hush about these titles just adds to the excitement of this once-in-a-lifetime movie compilation,” Du Plessis says. “We all have our own bucket lists based on our own taste and we believe it will be great fun for movie fans to compare notes and see whether their favourites have made it onto the pop-up channel.”

On top of the 100 must-see-movies-before-you-die-modern-day motion pictures, M-Net Movies will also fuel film fandom with the M-Net Movies Bucket List Bonus Features, as well as a fabulous viewers competition. To win big in the M-Net Bucket List viewer’s competition you have to curate your own the Top 10 movie list at The competition closes on 30 November before the Top 10 hits your screens.

The M-Net Movies Bucket List Bonus Features will comprise additional classics which can’t be ignored but which will appeal to niche audiences. Among these titles are vintage silver screen darlings that were ground-breaking at their time, like Mary Poppins, Casablanca and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The M-Net Movies Bucket List schedule (prior to the Top 10) will be published at www.mnet.tvyou can also consult the TV Guide or catch up on the films you’ve missed on DStv Catch Up Plus.

Here’s the M-Net Movies Bucket List films from 100 to 11 and the “bonus specials” in-between, as well as the dates to tune on for them:

100 My Best Friend’s Wedding 30 Oct
99 Men in Black 30 Oct
98 Shakespeare in Love 30 Oct
97 Speed 31 Oct
96 300 31 Oct
95 Scream 31 Oct
94 The Bourne Identity 1 Nov
93 Boyz n the Hood 1 Nov
92 Risky Business 1 Nov
91 Grease 2 Nov

90 Wargames 2 Nov
89 Gremlins 2 Nov
Citizen Cane 3 Nov (bonus)
88 Blair Witch Project 3 Nov
87 Flashdance 3 Nov
86 Saw 3 Nov
The Magnificent Seven (bonus) 3 Nov
Casablanca 4 Nov
85 Twilight 4 Nov
84 Black Hawn Down 4 Nov
83 Traffic 4 Nov
82 Birdcage 4 Nov
The Blues Brothers (bonus) 4 Nov
Some Like it Hot (bonus) 5 Nov
81 Pretty in Pink 5 Nov
80 Meet Joe Black 5 Nov
79 Straight Outta Compton 5 Nov
78 Footloose 5 Nov
The Big Blue (bonus) 5 Nov
77 Beetlejuice 6 Nov
76 Lawrence of Arabia 6 Nov
75 First Blood 6 Nov
74 Notting Hill 7 Nov
73 Juno 7 Nov
72 The Big Lebowski 7 Nov
71 Snatch 8 Nov
70 Full Metal Jacket 8 Nov
69 The Revenant 8 Nov
68 Chariots of Fire 9 Nov
67 Bridesmaids 9 Nov
66 Ghostbusters 9 Nov
Sense and Sensibility (bonus) 10 Nov
65 Groundhog Day 10 Nov
64 Back to the Future 10 Nov
63 Nightmare on Elm Street 10 Nov
Bringing Up Baby (bonus) 10 Nov
Little Women (bonus) 11 Nov
62 A Few Good Men 11 Nov
61 Dirty Harry 11 Nov

60 The Matrix 11 Nov
59 Annie Hall 11 Nov
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 12 Nov
58 Pretty Woman 12 Nov
57 Jerry Maguire 12 Nov
56 Lethal Weapon 12 Nov
55 Hurt Locker 12 Nov
54 Sleepless in Seattle 13 Nov
53 The Fifth Element 13 Nov
52 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 13 Nov
51 Stand By Me 14 Nov
50 Bonnie & Clyde 14 Nov
49 Top Gun 14 Nov
48 Good Morning Vietnam 15 Nov
47 When Harry Met Sally 15 Nov
46 Casino 15 Nov
45 A Fish Called Wanda 15 Nov
44 Inglorious Bastards 16 Nov
43 Four Weddings and a Funeral 16 Nov
Love Story (bonus) 17 Nov
42 Misery 17 Nov
41 Spectre 17 Nov
40 Unforgiven 17 Nov
39 Avatar 17 Nov
A Fistful of Dollars (bonus) 17 Nov
The Pink Panther (bonus) 18 Nov
38 Rain Man 18 Nov
37 Scarface 18 Nov
36 Mamma Mia 18 Nov
35 Little Miss Sunshine 18 Nov
Flying Down to Rio (bonus) 18 Nov
The Great Escape (bonus) 19 Nov
34 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial 19 Nov
33 The Breakfast Club 19 Nov
32 Fargo 19 Nov
31 The Professional 19 Nov
30 Inception 20 Nov
29 Ranging Bull 20 Nov
28 The Godfather 20 Nov
27 Romeo + Juliet (Baz Luhrman) 21 Nov
26 Saving Private Ryan 21 Nov
25 Jaws 21 Nov
24 The Princess Bride 22 Nov
23 Thelma and Louise 22 Nov
22 Blade Runner 22 Nov
21 Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings 23 Nov
20 The Deer Hunter 23 Nov
19 Platoon 23 Nov
Kramer vs Kramer (bonus) 24 Nov
18 The Notebook 24 Nov
17 Rocky 24 Nov
16 Goodfellas 24 Nov
15 Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark 24 Nov
Easy Rider (bonus) 24 Nov
Breakfast at Tiffany’s (bonus) 25 Nov
14 Alien 25 Nov
13 Aliens 25 Nov
12 Seven 25 Nov
11 Jurassic Park 25 Nov
Dr. Strangelove (bonus) 25 Nov
Mary Poppins (bonus) 26 Nov

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