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Big Brother Naija S3 Day 12: Teddy A and BamBam have been hot and cold since the pairing but what is the true reason for all the miscommunication

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Big Brother Naija S3 Day 12: Teddy A and BamBam have been hot and cold since the pairing but what is the true reason for all the miscommunication

Teddy A and BamBam are both well liked and beautiful to look at, they clearly love each other’s company and share a general good vibration, so why have they had such trails and tribulations within their pairing?

The Trouble Timeline of Trouble

It all started during the pairing, the moment BamBam chose Teddy A as her partner it was almost a given that sparks were going to fly between the two but what has transpired since has been a rather rocky road. Last week Saturday during the party, instead of getting close on the dance floor, BamBam could be seen on her own outside grooving, while Teddy A got in the mix inside. That night, after the drinks stopped flowing and K.Brule was done with his wild antics, they had an argument in bed. BamBam turned her back on Teddy A while he proceeded to tell her that “what happened in the House, was just what happened in the House” basically stating that it was not real. This is a game after all. Over the last week BamBam has done her best to act aloof toward the situation but after yesterday’s humility Task, all the truth came to light.

The Reality

It’s as simple as this, Teddy A has been open about the fact that he has a girlfriend outside the House, he has stated on many occasions to BamBam that he is not looking to catch any feelings in the House, he is looking to have fun and play the game to the best of his ability. BamBam has tried with all her might to accept this harsh reality but her struggle lies in the fact that Teddy A sometimes acts like he wants more. His charming, affectionate moments clearly melt her heart so why then does Teddy A do it? There are clearly emotions involved and as much as he just wants to have fun, it’s evident that BamBam is interested in more than just a strategic alliance. The cause for all of this is unmet needs from both parties and a lack of communication to try and solve them.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Yesterday’s humility activity obviously brought about many of the Housemates’ true feelings towards each other but there were few moments as tense the ones centred around BamTeddy. Anto addressed Teddy A’s behaviour head on, basically outing him for his mixed signals. Leo also came for him and said that he didn’t like how “cold” he could be towards his partner and even what they both had to say to each other during the activity was not the most unifying of events. This was definitely a catalyst for BamBam who could be seen at multiple moments today, voicing her frustrations to her fellow Housemates.

Harsh Truths

Will BamBam cave in eventually and give in to Teddy A’s temporary charms? Or will they part ways in a bitter dispute? What do you think about all the turmoil?

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