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Big Brother Naija S3 Day 14: Emotions are running at an all time high due to tonight’s possible evictions

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Big Brother Naija S3 Day 14: Emotions are running at an all time high due to tonight’s possible evictions

As the possibility of being evicted looms on the horizon, the Housemates seem to be full of raw emotion, tension and wild energy.

Cry Babies

It could have been the alcohol, pre-show jitters or just something in the air, needless to say there were lot of tears flowing through the Big Brother House last night. First Lolu absolutely broke down to his core after DJ Exclusive recognised him at the Saturday party. Was it all just a star struck burst of emotion or was Lolu feeling some type of way in accordance with some kind of strategy? Later in the night, a few of the Housemates had some deep midnight chats, consequently Alex also has an emotional explosion, saying that she will be the one to go home tonight. Both Leo and Khloe ran to her aid and comforted her and Khloe told her that it was “just a game”.

Tensions and Strategies

Tonight is the Live Show and the Housemates are fully feeling the heat. After Biggie requested that everyone start getting prepped, the gossip began to flow. Princess openly stated that she hopes she is not going home tonight because she wants to get Tobi and Cee-C out the House. She also spoke about Karma where she was secretly, not so secretly referring to Cee-C. Meow! Angel and Ahneeka also had an interesting “romantic” conversation last night where Angel asked Ahneeka to be his “special babe” in the House. After slapping him with some rules, she agreed. Really feelings or strategic move? Only time will tell

The Mood

After all the action, gossip and tense exchanges last night, there is a weird energy in the House. Even though everyone is getting primped, preened and glammed up to the nines, all the Housemates are visibly tense. Apart from Angel who is all smiles. Alex has been stressed since waking up, Tobi has been very scarce and Anto has been extremely vocal, sharing her opinion on everything from hair to her opinions about work and life outside the House. All the Housemates are awaiting their fate tonight and even though no one will actually be evicted, the dynamic will definitively experience some big changes. Biggie knows how to shake things up.

Late Night Extravaganza

How do you think things are going to pan out after tonight’s Live Show?

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