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Big Brother Naija S3 Day 15: The ball is Rolling

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Big Brother Naija S3 Day 15: The ball is Rolling

The Live Show certainly shook the Housemates, almost reshuffling their overall attitudes towards the game and somehow making them less relaxed. We even saw the likes of Teddy A shedding tears.

Getting Into Formation

The current gained momentum and hit the shore hard when Cee-C Failed to make it through to the HoH qualifiers and the guys failing to the point of no return. Resulting in the total removal of Cebi from power, something the other HMs would low-key offer burnt offering for. It’s clear that they were just no for this leadership.

The Diary room declarations and the Live Show after math proved to have been catalyst to strategic talk and the revelations of nicely hidden claws. Much was revealed when Miracle and Nina were gisting about their position in the House, talking about how much they hated ‘fake’ people. Miracle seemed to have a soft spot for Tobi because of having been saved. He pointed out that Teddy A behaved as if he was top crop and constantly delivered side punches directed at Tobi. On the other hand, Tobi revealed that the other Housemates basically never looked at him as an individual, he’s always associated to Cee-c while to some degree, Cee-C is blamed for Cebi’s pending downfall. However, This cosiness and constant nods of agreement seemed to be driving the two pairs Cebi (Cee-C, Tobi) and Mina (Miracle, Nina) to an alliance.

Not Leader Yet

Prior to the HoH Challenge, Bamteddy (Bambam, Teddy A) were rather confident about their strategy. Bambam mentioned that everyone assumed she’s win and ‘when’ that happens, they’d bring their enemies into their compound by biting and blowing, maybe the blowing first. The conversation was now inverse. They spoke about Cebi; how they were stripped of their former glory and suddenly started acting nice.There was clear evidence of dislike for the pair and armed in ‘power couple’, they suppose they can garnish the poison and have Cebi begging to have some of it. But as fate would have it, the train went off the rails and shot to a different direction.

We are experiencing a ‘clash of the titans’ type of collision and the tension will eventually be broken. With the two pairs trying to prove their supremacy, there’s bound to be a gnashing of teeth and a throwing of air punches but question is, who’s gonnna come reach the finish line with less bruises?

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