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Big Brother Naija S3 Day 74: Just as it is in the Jungle, some Housemates make natural leaders while others fall short


Big Brother Naija S3 Day 74: Just as it is in the Jungle, some Housemates make natural leaders while others fall short

Deciding to break protocol and walk while meant to be running, or simply deciding to take it up a notch by grooming your wings while others obediently tame theirs; only individuals with beam-lethal wills are able to tackle the norm and challenge it out of play while leading their break away packs to new norms. The Housemates did just that when they decided to be in the Big Brother House and by the looks of it, those unable to lead, rebel. Protagonists VS Antagonist maybe?

It is true that most of the challenges put before the Housemates have been predominantly chance-based, following their inability to overcome trivial ones in the beginning. So, they can’t necessarily be categorised based on these. However, Biggie has presented them a handsomely plated platter of success on various occasions and through that were we able to categorise the Housemates as follows.

Supporting Cast

Let’s place their HoH wins under the rug for the sake of this argument. Alex and Nina have been less than forth coming in their gaming approaches, looking rather comfortable in the ‘lead’ positions and almost deliberately falling short when it comes to challenges. Either walking too slow and too busy nursing their injuries or completely losing sight of the benefits of winning. Despite being very active in what interests them the most, their personalities are a result of triggered emotions.

Side Liners

Despite their polished accents, perfect articulation and a few wins, Anto and Lolu have yet to define their positions in the House, 74 days through. Never having started any fires nor completely extinguished any, except when Lolu had to handle his business with Cee-C; they’re remained as neutral as can be. Watching on from the side-lines.

The Lead

Thanks to their overly competitive demeanours, Miracle and Tobi have slid right into leadership roles, both directly and indirectly setting the bar high. Having won HoH and Arena Games multiple times, they are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Both initially giving an impression that they’d lose themselves in their love interests; they quickly bounced back and broke the shells that contained them.

Hunted Hunters

Khloe and Cee-C are unapologetically strong willed and unlike the rest of the ladies, they absolutely refuse to have their trajectories determined by the direction of the wind and force of the current. Having been involved in more quarrels than the other Housemates, one they themselves initiated; their attitudes often come across as challenging and overly rebellious. They clearly will challenge whatever and whoever comes at them. It’s their way of the Highway.

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