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#BBNaija Season 4 Day 53: The Icons left the Arena with this week’s Wager trophy and a bonus of 20 Coins for each team member

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#BBNaija Season 4 Day 53: The Icons left the Arena with this week’s Wager trophy and a bonus of 20 Coins for each team member

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Judged on creativity, participation and holistic messaging, The Icons and Cruisetopia teams each displayed elements which reflected the three features around the subject of healthy living.

Recycle and Reuse

Is it possible for anyone to recycle and reuse certain items that would ordinarily be considered waste?

For the first segment of this Challenge, the teams were required to contribute to a cleaner environment by recycling items otherwise considered as waste in the House.

In this element, three members of each team took turns as they presented he recycled projects accomplished by the team.

For The Icons, taking into consideration the non-availability of some items in the House, the team presented a bunch of recycled items in the form of a television set, a chessboard, a teddy bear and an hourglass.

While team Cruisetopia displayed their reused items in the form of an aeroplane, a mosaic painting and a car.  

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Healthy Relationships

For the second presentation, both teams explained how relationships can be nourished and also how a healthy space for all to thrive can be created. To this end, the teams were Tasked to develop two separate talks on Healthy relationships in seven minutes.

With Jackye and Esther representing team Cruisetopia and Elozonam and Cindy for The Icons, each team gave insightful points as they individually took turns to present separate talks on healthy relationships.

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A Happy Mind

The third element tonight challenged the teams to present twelve yoga poses as a means of creating a happy mind.

How do you find peace in the middle of chaos? The Pepper Dem Gang took us through how to live in harmony with one’s mind through yoga poses.

On this Challenge, Sir Dee and Frodd represented Cruisetopia, while Mercy and Diane displayed on behalf of The Icons.

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What’s Your Originality?

For the final Wager presentation, Khafi (for The Icons) and Mike (for Cruisetopia) each had five minutes to present a single illustrated original positive and uplifting quote for both teams.

We’ll let you be the judge.

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Rewards and Punishments

Trust Biggie to give rewards to the losers and winners.

For the quality of their individual talents on showcase, Frodd, Sir Dee, Ike, Tacha, Mercy and Diane were given verbal awards. For overall teamwork and performance, team Cruisetopia got a handshake from Biggie.

Meanwhile, for the simple act of losing this week’s Wager Challenge, Biggie announced that team Cruisetopia will be awarded a losing punishment reward.

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Three times in a row, The Icons have celebrated major wins in the Pepper Dem House and today, they won their second Wager win. Is this the sign of team strength from The Icons? We’ll find out.

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