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#BBNaija Season 4 Day 79: From missing plantains to vanishing peppers, the Pepper Dem Gang sought a solution to this problem

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#BBNaija Season 4 Day 79: From missing plantains to vanishing peppers, the Pepper Dem Gang sought a solution to this problem

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In a bid to resolve the issue of missing food items from the Pepper Dem Kitchen, Elozonam called a town hall meeting in the Big Brother Naija lounge.

The Complaint

Omashola raised the issue of a bunch of plantain going missing from the Big Brother Naija Kitchen. The plantain which he was hoping to fry to accompany his rice went missing at the last minute and Omashola wasn’t going to let it slide. Tracing the journey of the plantains from when their Wager food items came into the House, Omashola was awed that a Housemate could have consumed that quantity of plantain. Frodd also had something to say as he screamed from the bedroom that thunder will fire the thief. Way to go Frodd.

Let There Be A Search!

As Head of House, Elozonam will not allow this theft to go unsolved during tenure and so he called for a family meeting in the lounge. In this gathering, Cindy pointed fingers at Frodd saying that the last time there was a case of missing plantains, he was behind it. This statement uttered by Cindy caused Frodd to nearly butt head with her as an argument ensued between them.

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Calming the situation between Frodd and Cindy, Elozonam made his voice heard and proceeded to start a search. In unison, the Housemates made their way to the locker to fish out the culprit. Unsuccessful in this part of the House, they proceeded to the bedroom and finishing their search in the HoH room.

Interestingly, Mike and Tacha got into a verbal match during the search as Mike questioned why Tacha had a bottle of honey in her locker. In her defence, Tacha screamed that she specifically ordered for it to add to her facial scrub. Well, what can we say to that?

Message From The Spirit

After the pointless search, Ike told Mike that his spirit was telling him that Seyi was responsible for the missing plantains. He went further to say that it can’t be a lady that is responsible for this theft stating that the person has to be sleek to carry out such operation. Whatever the outcome, he and Mike concluded that Elozonam was a bonafide HoH for carrying out the elaborate search for the plantain.

1568756551 34 screenshot 2019 09 17 at 10.39.19 pm

In a House where food is not a joking matter, are you surprised that foodstuffs are developing wings?

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