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PHOTOS: Dallas based Model, Sage takes his “Inner thoughts” and mixed it with a taste of “Fifty Shades”

?: @moe_a2 Shoot director: @iams.a.i.n.t ? Mistress: @n_chass


PHOTOS: Dallas based Model, Sage takes his “Inner thoughts” and mixed it with a taste of “Fifty Shades”

This is a project that Sage has been planning since the middle of last year. He knew this was a project that he really wanted to take his time with and not rush but express when ready from his poses to captions.

Sage’s main goal for this shoot was to bring a vision of his to life in a creative way. 

You always hear about the “Man” being the dominant one and how he has or needs to be the one in control, but some women like being dominated fully and some don’t. Then there are those one’s that like to have an equal part. He said there is nothing wrong for a woman to be dominant and in control. 

And to the men, there is nothing wrong with allowing that. It doesn’t make you less of a man at all and he feels like society dictates so many things in life, In GENERAL that people feel like they need to follow but in reality don’t.

With this shoot, yes Sage did know that people might have different views on the matter and they already have. At the end of the day and with all of the content he had posted, expresses a part of him and how he feels. 

Sage is learning everyday not to be too concerned if any at all on what other people may think or say. He had to come out of my comfort zone but in the field that he his, you are going to have to learn to do that a lot, along with being uncomfortable positions that you may not want to be in.

He said he would like to thank the people who helped him bring his vision to life because this shoot meant a lot to him, as well as other shoots that he am currently planning on. 

According to Sage, he will speak to you all as well as myself when i say: 

“People are going to think and talk about you regardless whether it’s positive or negative . No one is going to be you better than you so be yourself regardless of others views. You are you for a reason and EVERYONE has a purpose. God gives everyone a purpose in life but it’s up to you to recognize the purpose or purposes and take what’s given and capitalize on whatever it may be.  Recognize and know that you’re worthy.

Keep going my fellow Kings and Queens. Don’t stop, because just when you may decide to is when the tide can or will turn.” 


My IG: iam.sage__

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