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VIDEO: #BBNaija Lockdown Day 9 – A house disconnected, Wager drills and more…

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VIDEO: #BBNaija Lockdown Day 9 – A house disconnected, Wager drills and more…

When the time to sweat came, some #BBNaija Housemates became equipment!

The Housemates were in the mood to get themselves sweating today, but some of the methods they chose to do it were rather unusual.

1595925945 34 screenshot 2020 07 28 10.38.09

Cartwheels and somersaults are a very interesting forms of exercises as some might see them as gymnastics, while others might consider them as a celebration. During Housemates attempts to perfect them, there were fantastic efforts and incredible failures in quick succession. Of all the people who can consider themselves bad at cartwheels, Dorathy has to be the leader.

The horsing around didn’t stop at cartwheels and a few of the Housemates attempted to turn their fellow Housemates into wheelbarrows. This also turned into a disastrous venture and Trickytee nearly injured Laycon. The worst injury of the session had to be newly crowned Head of House Lucy, who nearly seriously injured herself while leapfrogging. The way she held her leg after landing awkwardly made us wonder if Lucy’s stay would be coming to a premature end. Thankfully she was okay shortly afterwards, and her reign can continue. 

1595925621 34 screenshot 2020 07 28 10.38.21

Last week during the Diary Room Session a few of the Housemates asked Biggie to provide them with free weights to aid them in their training. Their lack of weights led them to start treating fellow Housemates as weights and because of his tiny size, Laycon got chosen. He regretted every moment of it. If anyone ever asks you to be a weight for their exercise, learn from Laycon and avoid it!   

1595925333 34 screenshot 2020 07 28 08.30.47

In the battle to stay on top of their fitness, Eric and Neo decided to do sets of synchronised squats. Once again Eric proved that when physical endurance is the question, he is always the answer. If fitness won Big Brother, then this whole season would be Eric’s.

Wager drills

Uncomfortable with their preparedness for the Wager Task, the Housemates intensify the drills.

Even though most of them were sceptical about preparations for the Wager Task, one thing they all agreed on was they had no choice but to win this. After suffering defeat in the first Wager Task, the Housemates have vowed not to leave no stone unturned as they prepared earnestly for the Task at hand

1595979273 56 screenshot 2020 07 28 20.36.26

Victory is a must

The Housemates seem optimistic about winning the Wager Task. While talking to Biggie, they all reiterated why it was necessary for them to win this one. From the need for food/money to a thing of pride, the Housemates made it known why they felt they needed the win. In terms of team spirit, Neo said the preparation will bring back that communal spirit. “I feel like we are trying our best working as a team,” he said in the Diary Room. Eric saw himself as a source of motivation and suggested the rest of the Housemates should want to win the Wager as he did.

1595979861 56 screenshot 2020 07 28 19.03.53

Three more, let’s go!

It’s never an easy task getting 19 fellow Housemates to work in a coordinated sequence, but Praise took this Challenge and it seemed to be paying off. As part of their preparation for their Circus presentation for the Wager Task, the Housemates will be creating choreographed moves to make it even more impressive.

1595979390 56 screenshot 2020 07 28 20.53.15

As the Housemates hope to sway Biggie and put up a great show for the Wager Task, the atmosphere in the House is still tense and this would likely affect their cohesion and their much talked about team spirit. Their strength lies in their unity and ability to rise above individual differences. Inability to do that might prove quite costly. Hopefully, they will put their differences aside and strive for victory.

A Housemates disconnected

Lucy’s first day as Head of House (HoH) has been anything but rosy. Ever since taking the HoH throne, cracks within the House began to surface. The boil reached its peak when Tolanibaj called out Ka3na for cooking for some and not for others. Could it be that Lucy being HoH brought about the tension? Some Housemates seemed to hint at it.

Biggie brought Lucy’s tenure as HoH into question during the Diary Room Session. It’s clear that she is finding it hard to bring the Housemates together. And the timing couldn’t be worse as the Housemates need to work together for this Thursday’s Wager Task. Judging from her Diary Room Session, she’s calling for Biggie’s help to restore decorum and instill discipline in the House.

HoH a mammoth task

According to Vee, Lucy has a mammoth challenge on her hands especially since her “emotional attitude and rudeness” has made her lose favour among some of the Housemates. “She’s struggling to bring people together. This HoH job has become somewhat difficult. I’m eager to see how, by Thursday, she’s going to get things done. I’m willing to help but she’s got a huge challenge on her hands.”

Vee thinks the disconnect could prevent them from success in the Wager Task. “People in here don’t know how to portion or eat so if we lose the Wager [Task], we are doomed.”

1595960290 34 screenshot 2020 07 28 20.06.17

Trikytee though chose to focus on Lucy’s style of leadership – calling it militaristic. “I guess it’s just her character. She wants us to clean the house every morning. I’m up for it too. But people are complaining. And I believe this would bring in more conflict. I foresee more issues.”

Kaisha has bigger problems than having to deal with “annoying” Lucy. She believes everyone is ganging up on her.

Wager Task ideas

1595960472 34 screenshot 2020 07 28 18.08.50

It was not clear why Kiddwaya thought of the worm as a talent that he’d like to showcase, but if he pulls it off without anyone giggling on the side, he may just win it. “I like to show people a lot of my talents. I’ve got good vibes to give,” he said.

Vee would like to bring hula hooping or double Dutch to the Wager Task. But she asked to keep away from gymnastics. “I want anything but gymnastics because I’m as stiff as a ruler.”

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