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The PlayStation 5 launches November 12 for $499


The PlayStation 5 launches November 12 for $499

Sony finally announced the price and launch date of the PlayStation 5 and its digital edition. We know the new console will launch on November 12, at least in some markets.

The PlayStation 5 is $500 and the PlayStation 5: Digital Edition is $400, and both are launching November 12 in the U.S. and other territories. More regions will follow November 19. Sony is planning to open up preorders starting tomorrow at “select retailers,” according to PlayStation social media. It has yet to provide specific info about how those preorders will work.

The pricing is similar around the world. Euro-zone countries will pay 500 euros, the U.K. will pay 450 British pounds, and Japan will pay 49,980 Japanese yen. That November 12 date applies to U.S., Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. Then the rest of the world will get it the following week.

For reference, the Xbox Series consoles will be launching November 10. The Xbox Series X, the more powerful of the two, will cost $499, the same as the PS5. The Xbox Series S, the digital-only version with scaled-down tech, costs $299. So now both companies have definitively answered my questions of “When?” and “How much?” And it looks like, as always, the two will be locked firmly in direct competition. Some things never change.

You can register to pre-order the PS5, of which there’ll be limited quantities, here. According to Sony, pre-orders can start as early as tomorrow, but only at “select retailers.”

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