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Wahala Room gives their top 5 upcoming Nigerian comedian to look out for


Wahala Room gives their top 5 upcoming Nigerian comedian to look out for

We stepped into the Wahala Room team office via Zoom and spoke with the platform’s founder Samuel Ogunkoya about the rise of social media comedian’s from Nigeria and how he uses his platform to present a lot of the newer ones that we get introduced to and what he thinks the future looks like for the comedians.

Honestly I see them as creative content creators, It’s wild seeing them grow from just getting 1,000 views to starting over 200,000 views in less than a day.

They are really giving us entertainment and are changing some of their lives and their family lives while doing that. I think it’s important in today’s age to be able to use the resources you have around you so when I see the smaller comedians create a multiple creative comedy skits I get a lot of pleasure in seeing their journey.

We then later asked Mr. Wahala Room himself who are some of the top entertaining comedians in Nigeria at the moment

Honestly there are a handful of them that put out great content constantly from guys like Sydneytalker to Nastyblaq. It was great watching them go from smaller content creators to now very well known.

So instead of the top one I’d like to give some that I think are at the point right before taking fully off, right before that big blue Instagram verification check and getting more deals for their content.

I would say (Carterefe, Gentuu, Zfancytv, The Real Tobe official, ParamountKomedy, also shout out to Gbsneh, wait and SydneyIwundu) yeah I know that was more than the 5 you asked for but mehn these are some of the guys that keep the Instagram platform entertaining. Just like from time to time I shout out their content to my Instagram platform, I feel like they have also had a hand in supporting my platform with them having solid content.

I look forward to how each and everyone of them continue to develop their brand and content, but for sure those are some of the really dope ones that numbers wise will soon jump into another level.

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