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VIDEO: #BBNaija Live Day 57 – Saskay and Yousef became the 15th and 16th Housemates to leave the Shine Ya House game

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VIDEO: #BBNaija Live Day 57 – Saskay and Yousef became the 15th and 16th Housemates to leave the Shine Ya House game

Sunday is Eviction O’clock in Big Brother’s House and tonight was no exception as the Live Show saw a double Eviction on the Stage. First, let’s take a look at what else featured in tonight’s show…

What’s an Eviction show without Ebuka’s table shaking?

Starting with Whitemoney, Ebuka brought up his conversation with Cross implying that Nini is a fan favourite, which is why apologising to her was the right thing to do after their fight. Ebuka then asked Whitemoney why he was sure who the fans loved and if that should have been the only reason Cross should have apologised. Whitemoney answered saying he guessed that since Nini is loved in the House, this love would extend outside the House as well. “Cross is a woman’s man, so I told him to apologise to Nini to avoid having any issues with any lady in the House,” he added.

Next, Pere was asked why he hasn’t been talking to his guy Saga, and he replied saying, “A revelation and I’m over it”.

Angel hasn’t been talking to Cross and she told Ebuka that even though Cross was on his knees begging for her forgiveness last night, she wasn’t ready to disclose what he did wrong. On the other hand, Cross told Ebuka that he doesn’t know what he did but seeing Angel as a sweet lady who is still growing up, he wants her to feel comfortable and to know that he really cares for her. “I thought apologising was the best thing to do, but it didn’t work, so I failed,” he said.

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Yousef’s elimination

Yousef was the first Housemate to be Evicted tonight, making him the fifteenth Housemate to say goodbye to the Shine Ya Eye House.

As he joined Ebuka on stage, Yousef said he wasn’t disappointed about his Eviction, rather, he was grateful for making it in the House till this moment. He described his stay in the game as “just sliding through” and revealed that he had a great time in the House. The weekly HoH games and winning a lot of money in the sponsored Tasks were the highlights of his stay in the competition. When asked about his friendship with Angel, Yousef said, “We have a good vibe, and it is mature”.

Now that he is out, Yousef is looking forward to endorsements and being featured in movies. We wish him the very best in his future engagements outside the Big Brother Naija House.

Saskay says goodbye

Tonight, Saskay bid the House farewell as she became the sixteenth Housemate to be eliminated from the game.

When asked how she felt about her Eviction tonight, Saskay said she was tired of the whole reality TV show experience and experiencing it in real time, is different from being in the game. She went ahead to tell Ebuka that Jaypaul spoilt her in the House and so she terribly missed him when he left. Speaking on the state of her relationship outside the House, Ebuka asked her about a possible ship with Jaupaul and she said, “I don’t know yet, we’ll see”.

Saskay intends on starting her own lip gloss brand and a retirement home for old people now that she is out of the House, and we can’t wait to see her soar in these amazing ventures.

“Shoulder pad no dey mean confidence”, Ebuka told the Housemates as he closed tonight’s Live Eviction show.

Here’s how you Voted this week:

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Whew! It’s been such a season and with the last days fast approaching, it is only right to have the numbers drop every week. It’s game time, baby! Which of the remaining Housemates will shine their eyes wider this week? Tomorrow, they have to play another Head of House challenge to fight for another week in the game, so don’t miss it!

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