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AUDIO: 1UCID – Miss You


AUDIO: 1UCID – Miss You

Atlanta based Ghanaian model, fitness trainer, entrepreneur and artist 1UCID is out with a brand new single titled “Miss You

The term “Miss You” is commonly used when there is a sense or a feeling of loneliness. When the term “Miss You” is used it expresses emptiness within and without the company of a loved one or a specific influential figure; it could be a person, a place, a moment, or a pet.

The song “Miss You” came about during a soliloquy moment as 1UCID was driving to my gym at 5 am. During my drive, he was listening to a beat that resonated so well with me but also immediately stirred up my emotions with a strong urge of loneliness and sadness. 1UCID started harmonizing the words “Miss You” in sync with the beat.

He then turned on his watch to record whiles he was still driving. As he was recording, 1UCID started to get emotional because he began thinking about his recent heartbreaks and the loss of his artist, friend, and brother, Ray Styles. Before arriving at his destination, he had the full concept of the song. The following day he wrote the entire song and within that week he recorded his hit single “Miss You!”

1UCID said the song is dedicated to those that we miss, both the living and the dead, those far and near; Miss You!


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