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  • MTN Project Fame Academy Day 34

    By September 12, 2012

    All that went down at the MTN Project Fame academy yesterday for your viewing pleasure.

  • MTN Project Fame Academy Day 33

    By September 11, 2012

    Watch how the contestants responded to their last stage performances and how Ayo became the Captain...

  • Maltina Dance All 6: Episode 8 & 9

    By September 11, 2012

    If you missed episode 8 show it’s not too late to catch up, the salsa performance...

  • MTN Project Fame Nomination Show: Duet Delights + Incredible Cross Overs

    By September 10, 2012

    The contestants over the past few weeks have grown immensely and Ella is fast catching up....

  • Maltina Dance All 6: EPISODE 7

    By September 9, 2012

    On today’s show, the ten spectacular families who made it into the academy performed the Wazobia...

  • MTN Project Fame Elimination Show: Two New Stars Released from the Academy!

    By September 9, 2012

    Yesterday’s show opened with Adora dazzling in a well fitting Ankara dress and Joseph in an...

  • MTN Project Fame Academy Day 31: Cohbam’s Master Song Producer & Wana master Radio Presenter!

    By September 8, 2012

    The contestants really mean business with their duets and found corners in the Academy to practise...

  • MTN Project Fame Academy Day 30: Time Out With Family And Friends!

    By September 7, 2012

    Having an opportunity to talk to family and friends is a normal thing to us all....

  • MTN Project Fame Academy Day 29: To Duet Or Not To Duet

    By September 6, 2012

    Today, Mummy J asked each of the paired contestants to interpret their songs. Ayo and Oyinkansade...

  • MTN Project Fame Academy Day 28: Hot Tears!-Marvellous and Ella?

    By September 5, 2012

    It was a really tough day for Ella and Marvellous who have been paired to perform...

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