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The Search for “The Next Fuji Star” starts soon


The Search for “The Next Fuji Star” starts soon

The Search for “The Next Fuji Star” is a proudly Nigerian reality TV show aimed at bringing this wholly Nigerian music genre to deserved spotlight. In a space with a plethora of music competitions, the time has come for an original sound, often ignored by the mainstream, but deeply embraced by millions of Nigerians country-wide to come to the fore.

Anyone who knows Fuji knows that it is born on the gritty streets and undersides of South-Western towns and cities. Its beats and lyrics pulse with the life and sounds of traditional drums, mixed in with modern synthesized compositions. It may be regarded or perceived as a “Ghetto, back to the street Style” of music but we see it as a platform ready to showcase the very best of the raw talent that is out there on the street, and projecting them on the screen, to be appreciated and celebrated. The existence and impact of Fuji over the years has proven that it is a genre to be reckoned with in the music and entertainment space.

The Search For The Next Fuji Star Reality TV Show is the first of its kind and promises lots of excitement, dynamism and will doubtless be a massive platform. An initiative of EIC Communications, the show is designed to discover the very best of talented Fuji acts in Nigeria.

Contestants are expected from every corners of the country with auditions to be held in four major cities; IBADAN, AKURE, ILORIN AND LAGOS. Contestants are free to decide where they wish to be auditioned.

To be eligible, intending contestants will be required to pick up registration forms from designated centres that will be listed or visit the website and fill out a form. Contestant can either submit online or have the completed form printed out and submitted. Registered contestants will then be contacted via sms with respect to audition dates and location.


Watch this space for more information or visit for more details.

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