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INTERVIEW: Helen Paul – “Everyday life inspires me”


INTERVIEW: Helen Paul – “Everyday life inspires me”

Jara presenter Helen Paul a.k.a Tatafo says she draws inspiration for her comedy from society and all the daily happenings in her life. “The streets of Lagos are filled with humor and as a humor merchant; it will do a lot of good if one can always keep ones ears to the ground in order to get information on trending issues,” she said.

AfricaMagic spoke to Tatafo about comedy, her life as a musician and also about Jara.

Q. Your comedy skits are based on everyday life, how are you able to interpret everyday scenario’s and crack your audience with laughter?
A. There are so many things in life to talk about. Whilst I believe in developing jokes, I try most
times to play around issues, people and things. Most times in the spur of the moment. I just enjoy
doing it and at times, I don’t even know whether they’re funny or not.

Q. Who is Tatafo?
A. I believe that what I do is in line with the Tatafo brand/image. Tatafo refers to a gossip, a
chatterbox and a talebearer. Someone who talks about everything she sees.

Q. How do you come up with new material? 
A. I believe that I’m inspired by God to do that. Most times, the material I use just comes to me in a

Q. How do you improvise during a show when you get stuck?
A. I just share the material with anyone around me and once I do that, it’s easier for me to remember.
Even if I forget, the person will remind me. Whenever I have the time though, I carefully develop
material to use but most times I don’t need to do that – it comes naturally. I also try to be a
good listener. I listen to some songs or to people talking and they inspire me to develop jokes. I
also follow up on current/trending issues and observe my environment keenly. Most of my jokes are

Q. Tell us more about your latest comedy show… and where you will be appearing next? 
A. My latest comedy show took place at the University of Lagos on the 23rd of August this year. It was a
way of giving back to my alma mater and as such, the ticket fee was very affordable, a student price.
For the rest of the year, I will keep performing at other events. My next show will be even greater
and bigger than the other two, by God’s grace. A lot of planning goes into having successful events
and I plan to open the New Year 2013 with an even bigger and better show!

Q. Are you going to be releasing another single after BojuBoju from your album Welcome Party?
A. It all depends on what my production crew says. Mr. Mike Abdul has been such an inspiration, he is
handling that aspect well and I trust his judgment.

Q. Is there going to be a video out for BojuBoju? Have you thought of a theme yet, that’s if there’s going to be a video?
A. I’m working closely with my producers. However, whenever we come out with a video for the song, we
want to ensure that it is a very good one. People have told me that a video would not be bad at all
for the song because of its funny/gripping message, as well as the Afrobeat rhythm. Whatever we do,
I believe it shall be the best.

Here’s a video of Helens music video: Gbedu

Q. What new heights would you still like to reach in your career? 

A. I just want to be able to do whatever I do very well, to be the best at what I do, to be the
reference point in it; from being a TV/radio presenter, to being a comedian, actress, singer,
playwright, etc.

Helen says one of her hearts desires is to put smiles on people’s faces. “We can never tell the plans God has for us when we use the talents He gave us. It’s one life and my aim is to give it my best shot such that when the curtain closes and it’s time to exit, I would have given everything humanly possible and I’ll leave without regrets.”

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