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Etihad now offers Wi-Fi on all its long-haul flights


Etihad now offers Wi-Fi on all its long-haul flights

Etihad is one of seven airlines now offering Wi-fi on 100% of its long-haul available seat miles (ASMs), according to a new report from routehappy.

Emirates has coverage on almost 90% of its long-haul available seat miles.

In terms of actual numbers of long-haul seat miles covered, Emirates leads globally with more than 450 million seat miles. Next, and some way behind Emirates, are United and Lufthansa.

‘[Emirates] offers nearly double the ASMs with at least a chance of Wi-Fi than the next airline. This is due to Emirates operating the largest fleet of Airbus A380s, the highest capacity passenger aircraft in the world,’ says the report.

Globally, US airlines are far ahead of their overseas competitors in offering in-flight Wi-Fi. According to routehappy, 79.8% of ASMs in the US now offer a ‘full chance’ of providing Wi-Fi.

Non-US airlines offer only an 18.5% chance of Wi-Fi, while 72.4% offer ‘no chance’

‘U.S. airlines led in-flight Wi-Fi rollouts in 2016 and continued to get closer to offering Wi-Fi on nearly every flight. 80% of ASMs now offer a full chance of Wi-Fi,’ routehappy said.

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