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Big Brother Naija Day 74: It was Karen’s birthday and to celebrate she visited the Housemates with Host Ebuka

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Big Brother Naija Day 74: It was Karen’s birthday and to celebrate she visited the Housemates with Host Ebuka

They both have first hand experience being contestants on the show and have gone on to enjoy massive success in their respective fields so who better to prepare our final five for what awaits them, than Ebuka and Karen. Ebuka was the first to come in before revealing that he had a special guest for them before introducing Big Brother Africa winner, Karen to racous applause. Some cake and champagne were then brought in and everyone sat around the dining room table and caught up like old friends.

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Karen was as real as ever and when it came time to dole out advice she told the Housemates to brace themselves for enemies that were going to come their way trying to be friends. She opened about people mocking her and calling her ugly before the show but commending her for her beauty as soon as she’d won the money. “You accept me? You Love me? You don’t? That’s for you! Don’t let anyone bring you down. Know your worth.” While everyone appreciated the lesson in self love she also cautioned them to not over indulge and get arrogant. “Always remember where you come from. Don’t walk over people.”

The Housemates were impressed with her with TBoss, Bisola and Efe all noting that she was a real as real gets. In fact they all said exactly the same thing  in their Diary Sessions with Biggie. “She’s exactly the same person we used to watch on TV”. Being that it was her special day, she demanded that the Housemates treat her to some music and they gladly complied with Debie-Rise singing her Happy Birthday before Efe and Bisola dropped a rap verses in her honour.

Having gotten knocked out of the running before winning Ebuka had some sobbering but very pragmatic words of wisdom for the Housemates. He revealed how his career didn’t take off until nearly six months after his Eviction. “Yes, there will be lots of love!” he said but he advised them not get discouraged if the bookings and money don’t start rolling in immediately. “Being broke and famous is a real thing! I was the last one to catch a break.”

He also revealed that he’d been very depressed after getting Evicted because he was a lawyer and had no background in entertainment so unlike the others, winning the money was his main objective. Lastly Ebuka told them to find what they were good at and pursue that because they might find success outside of the limelight. He cited Katung as an example who’s enjoyed monumental success, behind the scenes.

The Housemates then cut the cake and shared it out. Ebuka said he was hungry and Marvis whipped him up a quick meal. It’s no secret she has the biggest crush on him and she called it “the perfect visit” in her Diary Session later. They then danced and drank champagne before the buzzer sounded for Ebuka and Karen to leave. However, that wasn’t before they revealed that Jon and Ese were fake Housemates and there were no other left in the House which only left everyone speculating who the third one was with people seeming to settle on Bally. Have look at the moment they sang Happy Birthday for Karen and let us know your favourite moment from the visit.

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