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INTERVIEW: U.S. Based Singer, Songwriter and Producer, Choyce Cincere talks Pharrell Williams, Upcoming Mixtape, African Women, Music Storytelling and more…

PHOTO CREDIT: Choyce Cincere


INTERVIEW: U.S. Based Singer, Songwriter and Producer, Choyce Cincere talks Pharrell Williams, Upcoming Mixtape, African Women, Music Storytelling and more…

Jersey Shore Native Choyce Cincere has become one of the most prolific artists in on the east coast. The 22 year old singer-songwriter has emerged as popular demand in music streaming.

Choyce’s first single “Roaming” became an early popular demand following a success that placed his listeners at over 500 thousands in the U.S and U.K including other international regions. This is Choyce’s second year in as a recording artist. As for a career in music, his profession began as a songwriter, producer and at earliest a drummer.

He’s well known for his fellowship in music, however Choyce is most known as a social butterfly and a pretty buzzing influencer on Instagram. His name has also helped him with his success using the slogan “it’s a Choyce thing you wouldn’t understand”. Meaning Choyce has his own makes his own decisions and whether you agree with them or not just accept that you may or may not ever understand them. It’s s huge part of who he is.

Choyce collectively collaborates with any and every type of artist. Whether he or she is a rapper, singer, dancer, photographer, illustrator or fashion designer. It doesn’t matter he is always alive and ready to work. He proclaims himself as a visionary artist and curator.

For Choyce, one thing he always says is that “you can’t listen to music without visually getting an image, you can’t see images of art without imagining the sounds of it. It’s all the same thing just telling the story in s different way”.

Choyce plans on expanding his brand “Choyce Cincere” globally. Check out my exclusive interview with him, who’s name meaning reminds you to make every choice sincerely:

Hey Choyce! Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Hey WORLD Choyce here! If you are wondering, yes my real name is Choyce and it’s pronounced like the word “choice” hahaha. My stage name is Choyce Cincere, Cincere being my middle name but many people like to keep it short with Choyce. I’m originally from New Jersey located in the Jersey Shore, which many recall from the TV Show. I’m a young artist pursuing my dreams just trying to share my stories with the world. Besides being a music artist I’m also a visual artist, drawing animation and photography. You can follow me on Instagram @choycecincere and visit my website

Talk me through an average day in the life of you?
An average day in my life is enjoying the company of family and friends. If I’m not making music whether at home, in a studio or at someone’s crib, I’m either playing basketball or going out with friends for adventure. On average , I’m practically never home until 3am haha. Average day to me is being constantly active throughout the day and night.

What institution(s) did you attend and what did you study?
I attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia studying Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology and Composition. After struggling to maintain grades and extra curriculum activities during Sophomore year, I later then transferred to Brookdale Community College close by my hometown. I am currently at BCC studying Music Business and Music Technology.

Why your interest in music and how did your journey in music begin?
Music has always been with me and it’s been a part of both sides of my family for generations. I started playing the drums at 3 years old and began playing at my great grandpa’s church. From there I continued playing the drums and ultimately expanding into other aspects of music during high school. I started singing more and writing original music. Since then I’ve never stopped my drive to experience every part of music.

Do you think the industry is doing alot to mentor or encourage upcoming acts?
Absolutely, there are so many available resources for upcoming artists to take advantage of. Especially online and social media. Nowadays it’s kind of easier to come across people in the industry with just the click of a follow and some love given on Instagram or Twitter posts etc. I believe the industry is now than ever on a major scout for new artists and guiding them to success. Regardless you still have to do loads of hard work to prove to them your worth their efforts to help you with your dream.

How’s the music climate in the United States and is it helping indie artists like you grow?
It’s certainly growing everyday. It’s almost like everyday a new artist comes out with good music. That’s the exciting part about it you never know it’ll be you next. Streaming music has definitely contributed to helping artist in ways of getting discovered.

You recently released a new single “Another One”, which I hear has become a new fan favorite, what is the message behind the title?
Yes, the message behind the title is much like Bryson Tiller’s in the song “Just Another Interlude”. I wanted people to catch words that there’s another hot new remix streaming of Drake’s “Bria’s interlude”.

Tell me more about your upcoming mixtape titled “Queens”. Why the choice of title and what should we be expecting once its out?
My upcoming mixtape is an heartfelt tribute to African girls. This project is really important to me because it captures the concepts of why men should want to be with an African woman and appreciate them. I’m still debating the title, it may be called Queens of Queens, but personally I chose it because it’s a clear statement that Black women come from queens. The first Queens to walk the earth are in our ancient African roots. You can expect upbeat vibes from it that make you want to dance and influence you to see the greatest things about Black women.

Given your passion for the music, what will you say keeps you motivated/inspired to stay dedicated to what you love?
What keeps me motivated and inspired is that I want to tell and share my stories to the world through entertainment. I’m driven to use this as my way to uplift people and motivate them to pursue their greatness.

You are a young entrepreneurial minded guy. How do you balance your personal and professional life?
I often struggle with the balance. I try to make time as much as possible to fit my profession in with my social life. Most times I’m on my phone working and staying up on what’s going on in the music game. Being around friends who are like-minded in the same field helps keep my personal life and professional in tact.

How often do you go to the gym and how many hours do you spend while you there?
If we’re talking about a basketball gym a lot hahaha. I honestly never go to gyms to work except playing ball. I spend at least 4 or 5 hours hooping. I’m still trying to find that one thing that’ll motivate me to hit the gym to get my weight up though haha.

What are your 5 Dos and Don’t when it comes to being an musician?
1. Be consistent because consistency proves your reliable. As a musician if your consistent it demonstrates that your reliable to please your fans and those who invest in you.
2. Be versatile because the more versatility the more ways you can make money for various styles and it also helps your creatively.
3. Be yourself because the most unique thing about being yourself is that no one can be you. That’s a gift in itself, use it!
4. Do it for the love of the music. When your passionate about something you give your full efforts.
5. Be a brand because once you have your brand you are marketable and have made a step in the direction to be profitable in the business aspect.

1. Don’t rush your content. Releasing quantity over quality doesn’t allow your work to grow and gives it very little opportunity to spread.
2. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries in this art form because people admire boldness and confidence. Prime example is Kanye West and his success.
3. Don’t give up. The first step is you have to truly believe then work towards it. Know that you can make it.
4. Don’t isolate your from social media. It’s a major helping hand to help others discover your talent.
5. Don’t accept anything on the table that’s offered to you. Have your walk away price. You have to understand everything is negotiable.

What would you say is the main misconception the public have about musician?
One of them is that musicians are all whores and sluts. It’s totally not true hahaha. There are some very great men and women in this field.

What aspect surprised you the most once you started in the music industry?
The music production process of making a record in a studio. I never realize how much time it consumes.

Which brands, clients, agencies, musician, producer, have you worked with?
Brands I’ve worked with are BMI and ASCAP as far as writing music for placements. In my earliest years I worked with Tommy Butta Hill from R.A.M at Universal Music Group before he passed away. As a songwriter I’ve written music for reference tracks for producers to place with major acts. I’ve worked with producers such as Partyxmichael, SDot Fire, P Chords, 808 Gods and too many to list hahaha.

What has been one of the most memorable jobs to work on?
One of the most memorable jobs to work on I would say is my first single “Roaming” because it was my first real step at coming out from behind the stage and being my own solo artist. It felt amazing to receive the love I did when I came out with that song and performed it for the first time in front of DJ Tarzan and A&Rs from Atlantic records, Interscope and etc.

Who do you want to work with that you haven’t yet?
An artist I really want to work with hands on in person is Pharrell! Seriously!!

Tell us two things people don’t know about you?
Back then I was a heavy metal and Jazz drummer haha! Another thing is I didn’t try weed until my second year of college. I’m not a smoker or drinker. I rarely drink liquor and it’s usually a big shocker when I go out with a girls for the first time at a party or club.

What do you consider your biggest professional success so far?
My biggest professional success was appearing in a France music magazine Délit Music Mag because that helped me get an international fan base and also appearing on Radio host Tori Indeed’s Vibe2Vibe show because it was my first time being presented as a solo artist from New Jersey. Also making my name and music present to industry people such as Eric Bellinger, A&R Kevin Shine, MallyMall, Rex Kudo, Danny Wolf, DJ Absolut, Biggg Slim and many more.

What has been your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge has been trying to open up for major acts like TheWeeknd or Chris Brown. I know musically I have the style and taste to do it but I just need to come up with some plans for that with my team.

You are very active on social media. Do you think its important to be online and if so why?
Oh yeah! It’s definitely important because it can be a creative opportunities for you. One way is helping you make profit in your business. I’ve been able to use Instagram to make money and have people follow my brand and collaborate.

You are from originally from New Jersey and based there, how is that working out for you?
Honestly, it’s cool to be in my home state but I know I have to do a lot more travelling to expand my brand. I’m just waiting on timing especially because of school right now. There’s a lot of fans that want me to perform in California, Texas, U.K and other places.

What are your must visit travel destinations?
Definitely different countries; Africa, Dubai, France and Amsterdam.

Name 5 things we should take seriously about our style choices?
1. Your style has to be what makes you yourself
2. Be creative but not too flashy
3. Ignore negative people
4. Be confident
5. Be open to things that may help you

How would you describe your style?
My style is being a combination of being simple, classy and edgy. Each part of my style defines my current mood. When I’m dressed in all black it shows me in a more cocky and bold mood. Then there’s days where I dress like a skater or bum if I’m in a free spirit mood. But I would consider myself a trendsetter.

What style genre appeals to you the most?
R&B, but Hip Hop and Rock comes close.

Name your five must have accessories/essentials?
1. My iPhone
2. A watch
3. Headphones
4. Rings
5. A necklace

What are your favorite fashion trends?
Anything appealing to classy or urban. From fitted/tailored European style suits to Yeezy West clothing.

What is your favorite dish?
Hard to say I love varieties of different dishes. Soul food, Italian, Spanish… that’s a hard one to choose.

What songs are currently on your playlist?
1. Drive By – Eric Bellinger
2. Set it Off – Jacquees and Dej Loaf
3. Hip hopper – Blac Youngster ft. Lil Yatchy
4. Grown Woman – PARTYNEXTDOOR
5. And my music.

Apart from music, songwriting and producing, what other projects are you currently working on?
I’m working on modelling for photographers and working with SelfMade agency based in New York for my visual contents.

Seeing you’re doing your dreams, what advice can you give others to pursue their dreams?
Do your research and stay up to date on what’s going on in the industry as far as marketing techniques and branding.

Any specific plans for the future?
I have so many that I dream about and am working towards. But I rather not say now and until they come true.

Any final words?
Yes, please follow me for updates on the music and my mixtape, subscribe to my website. There is a music video for my hit single “Roaming” coming this year! Thank you to the readers and Talkmedia Africa for having me!

Where can we follow you online and on social media?
My Instagram is choycecincere, Twitter; ChoyceCincere and Snapchat choycelovescoco. I’m mostly on Instagram and Snapchat though.

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