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YouTube TV Launches Cheddar and Cheddar Big News


YouTube TV Launches Cheddar and Cheddar Big News

Cheddar, the leading live post cable network, today is launching Cheddar and Cheddar Big News on YouTube TV, a subscription service from YouTube offering cable-free live TV. Cheddar is the leading millennial business news network and Cheddar Big News is its second, live general news network, premiering today on YouTube TV.

“YouTube TV is world class in its user experience,” said Jon Steinberg, Founder and CEO of Cheddar. “I am ecstatic that YouTube TV has added Cheddar to its base bundle lineup, and YouTube TV is the first partner to launch Cheddar Big News!”

“Cheddar’s emphasis on tech and media news coverage make it a strong fit for the millennial tech-savvy audience that also loves YouTube TV,” said Christian Oestlien, Director of Product, YouTube TV. “From Closing Bell reports live from the floor of the NYSE stock exchange on Cheddar to headline news on Cheddar Big News, Cheddar will bring new and insightful news content to YouTube TV.”

Programming on YouTube TV will consist of both Cheddar and Cheddar Big News live feeds as well as Cheddar on-demand content. Cheddar already has a YouTube channel that showcases original news and mini-doc videos and top highlights from its broadcasts.

For more information about the debut of Cheddar Big News, find information here.

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