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INTERVIEW: Style Consultant & Photographer, Robert Pauley III Talks The WELTHĒ Brand, Portraits, Coats, Travel, YouTube Channel, and More…

PHOTO CREDIT: THE Marcus Ivory (@marcivory) | Kyree Moore Photography


INTERVIEW: Style Consultant & Photographer, Robert Pauley III Talks The WELTHĒ Brand, Portraits, Coats, Travel, YouTube Channel, and More…

Meet Robert Pauley III the founder of WELTHĒ Guy, a lifestyle brand. Prior to starting the WELTHĒ Guy LLC, Robert worked in finance for two of the top banks in the world. He applies the skills he’s acquired in the financial world to enhance his business.

In less than 2 years, Robert gotten lots of opportunities to present his designs in Atlanta, Chicago and in New York during Fashion Week. His WELTHĒ Top Coat has appeared in numerous online and print publications as well as in an independent film.

Being a startup business, Robert knew he needed great images to showcase his fabrications and decided to take up photography to showcase the WELTHĒ Top Coats the way he wanted them to be seen.

Robert believes that “your style is your life” and the way you dress is a reflection of your life experiences. Check out my exclusive interview with him below:

Hey Robert! Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Hey my people, I’m Robert Pauley III and I own and operate WELTHĒ (wealthy) Guy – a lifestyle services business.

Talk me through an average day in the life of you?
I get up around 7am, meditate and listen to the news. Next I eat breakfast, go through my to-do list and decide what I’m going to post on social media for the day (I manage 10 social media accounts). The rest of the day can vary. Some days I meet clients in person and other days I’m on the phone or in front of the computer most of the day.

What institution(s) did you attend and what did you study?
I attended Baruch College (City University of New York) and I have a BA in History.

Tell us more about “WELTHĒ Guy”. What is the business all about and what are you into?
The WELTHĒ Guy is a lifestyle services business. I offer styling and style consultations for the man that likes to be well dressed. I also design custom men’s luxury Top Coats with real fur.

Great images are the best ways to showcase great designs so you decided to take up photography to showcase your “WELTHĒ Top Coats” which led to the creation of “WELTHĒ Images Portraits”, tell us more about that?
When people started to see the images I was creating for my Top Coat, they began booking photo sessions. I wanted my portrait business to be a reflection of the WELTHĒ Guy and I began offering ‘Celebrity-style’ photoshoot experiences. I help to style the clients, offer hair and makeup and complimentary champagne. After the shoot, clients come back for an “Image Reveal’ and see their images presented in a distressed leather box, handmade in Italy.

What is it like doing business in the United States?
It’s great – you have access to many resources to help you with your business.

Do the laws in the United States encourage Startups and small business owners?
There are many government programs and incentives for people to start their own business as well as many legal protections for business owners.

Tell me more about your love for everything fashion and how you use it to communicate through business?
Since I was a kid, I always loved fashion and always had my own style. I love wearing a suit, how it makes me feel and how others respond to it. Since I am passionate about suiting, communicating for business comes naturally.

In less than 2 years, you have had lots of opportunities to showcase your designs in Atlanta, Chicago and in New York during Fashion Week. The “WELTHĒ Top Coat” has appeared in numerous online and print publications as well as an independent film. What will you say motivates/inspires you to stay dedicated to what you do?
I have always been a person to go after my dreams but what motivates me is realizing small successes, receiving messages from well-wishers and how what I am doing is having a positive impact on others.

What’s your 5 Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to being a fashion designer?
1. Do what you feel in your heart
2. Don’t rush the process
3. Do your research and educate yourself
4. Don’t do what’s trendy
5. Do keep on creating.

What separates you from other photographers and designers?
My personal style. My style is displayed in my photography and my designs. I like things neat, simple and wealthy-looking. It shows in my aesthetic in both my photography and designs.

How do you balance your personal and business life?
Since I work from home mostly, the two overlap. But to be honest, I spend most of my time working running both my businesses.

What do you consider the most common stereotype about the being an entrepreneur?
I think the most common misconception about being a business owner is that your prices should be the same as a big company. Your costs and volumes are totally different so it’s not possible to offer the same prices as some of the most well-known brands.

What aspect surprised you the most once you started your business?
I didn’t realize how much of an investment of money and time it takes to start a business.

Looking back to when you started in the fashion industry, is there anything you would like to change or improve on?
I’m still growing my business and figuring out where I want to go with it. I’ve primarily focused on men’s coat, but I have been working on some women’s designs and also more coats without fur.

Which brands, clients, photographers, models, entrepreneurs, investors, etc, have you worked with?
I have worked with Lapalme Magazine, Out Magazine, Motospirit Magazine, New York Life, Salesforce, MOBI NYC, Impulse Group, Manna, Egami Collection and many other individuals and businesses.

What do you consider your biggest professional success so far?
My biggest professional success so far is starting my own business. A few years ago, I was too scared to take the risk and do it.

Who do you want to work with that you haven’t yet?
I want to work with more small business owners

What has been your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge has been waking up every day and figuring out how to get people to pay me for the services I provide.

Tell us two things people don’t know about you?
1. I have 9 tattoos.
2. Most people don’t know I’m a great cook.

You are very active on social media. Do you think it’s important to be online and if so why?
It is very important to be active on social media if you are a business owner. There is a lot of business happening on social media. People all over the world can see you and what your business has to offer.

You are a native of New York and also based there. How is that working out for you?
I love New York. I was raised in the Bronx and now live in Harlem. It’s expensive to live here but what I really love about it is the diversity and the hustle of it.

You love to travel and have been to over 25 countries. Which of those countries are your favourites and why?
I loved South Africa and Morocco. It was something about being in Africa that made me feel right at home.

Name 5 things we should take seriously about our style choices?
1. The fit is most important
2. Buy pieces that are timeless
3. Colors should complement your skin tone
4. It’s not all about labels
5. Commit to your look 100%

How would you describe your style?
I am a classic man – I love clothes that compliment my body type. Suits look great on me and I dress them up and down.

What style genre appeals to you the most?
Businessman appeals the most to me – I always loved how people look in suits.

Name your 5 must have accessories/essentials?
1. My glasses
2. My phone
3. Gum/mints
4. Cash and
5. A smile.

What are your favourite fashion trends?
I like timeless clothing – clothing that never goes out of style. If you stock your wardrobe with timeless pieces, you will always be on trend.

What is your favourite dish?
I love Lasagna.

What songs are currently on your music playlist?
I listen to different Apple Music playlists – it depends on my mood at the time.

Apart from Fashion, styling, photography, what other projects are you currently working on?
I am starting to do more videos and build out YouTube channels for my businesses.

Seeing you’re doing your dreams, what advice can you give others to pursue their dreams?
Write your goals down, create a plan and timeline for when you want to achieve it and hold yourself accountable and most importantly, keep going.

Any specific plans for the future?
My plan for the future is to continue to grow my brand until millions of people know The WELTHĒ Guy.

Any final words?
Be disciplined, strategic and keep your word.

Where can we follow you online and on social media?
You can find me on:
Instagram: @theweltheguy @weltheimages @weltheimages_kids,
Facebook: Robert Pauley III, WELTHĒ Images and The WELTHĒ Guy

PHOTO CREDIT: THE Marcus Ivory (@marcivory) | Kyree Moore Photography

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