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#BBNaija Season 4 Day 4 – Imagine the sigh of relief when Housemates finally regained control of a vital part of their lives

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#BBNaija Season 4 Day 4 – Imagine the sigh of relief when Housemates finally regained control of a vital part of their lives

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On Thursday, Big Brother held the remote on the Housemates, pressed the mute button and kept them in that mode for a better part of the day. Unlike yesterday when we saw the Housemates grooving to hot Naija songs, today was quite silent as their vocal cords were put to rest so they can reflect on things in life.  How did they communicate? With hands of course! and if you think there were no games, you thought wrong. 

Unmuted convos

Nelson who was spotted with makeup during the silence task gave us reasons why that happened. According to Mr Universe, he was bored and he didn’t want to sleep and since sleeping was prohibited during the Task, he didn’t want to offend Biggie, so he let Isilomo give him a makeover. To him, it was the best option. Wonder how he felt with all the foundation, wig and fake boobs he had on? Nelson said “Ladies are trying” as he was very uncomfortable wearing those props. What was he thinking? That staying glammed up was a breeze?

Who’s next?

A few hours after the silence ban was lifted, Thelma and Isilomo were seen plotting on which of the men faces will be used for the next makeup session. Thelma outrightly told Sir Dee that she will give him a face beat in his sleep to which Sir Dee vehemently opposed. Isilomo had a better suggestion as she said Jeff will be a better candidate because he sleeps like a dead person! Wow, we didn’t see that coming or did you?

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Scammed and Saved

Gedoni, Khafi, Esther, Nelson had an insightful conversation about failed investments. Gedoni told us how he made a wrong investment with his hard earned money. This misstep had him squatting with his friend for close to a year and at a point in his life, he became depressed and he cut himself out of everything happening around him. He also disclosed that what made him rise above it was the church. What can we say? Hallelujah perhaps?

All in all, it has been a day of unexpected events and once again Big Brother rules. What are your thoughts on the silent Task?

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