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#BBNaija Season 4 Day 4 – The door to the Diary Room was opened and we weren’t prepared for the heat that greeted us

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#BBNaija Season 4 Day 4 – The door to the Diary Room was opened and we weren’t prepared for the heat that greeted us

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Big Brother and the Pepper Dem Housemates had their first Diary Room session today. And after a long period of silence courtesy the Task Biggie gave them, sealed lips became opened and all the gist, gossip and laughter poured out in torrents.

Red, Yellow, Green

Sir Dee, Ella, Nelson, Esther, Omashola, Diane, Mike, Jackye and Jeff had their Diary Room session today and we got a feel of how they felt about the House and other Housemates. The first Housemate to go in was Sir Dee and we could literally hear the sound of relief he breathed to be able to speak freely again. We bet if you take a poll asking the Housemates how they felt being mute, 99% will respond that it is not easy oh. If you think otherwise, then we challenge you to take the silence Task.


Tonight, original ‘Wafi’ boy Omashola was the star in today’s Diary Room chit chat with Biggie. We can’t forget Omashola session in a hurry as it was legit hilarious as he switched languages and funny expressions. We are sure Biggie had an earful as he Peppered us with some deep’ Wafi’ pidgin. When Big Brother sought his thoughts on the ladies in the House, Omashola words were “Dem make sense die”. He also told Biggie that the Housemates were bonding too much and should be given tasks that will slacken the bonds they have built among themselves. On which Housemate irritated him, he revealed Tacha irritated him from the beginning said he was pained when Tacha downgraded other Housemates on launch night.


Did you miss Omashola Diary session with Big Brother? Here you go. Let us know if he Peppered you enough #BBNaija 9448:23 PM – Jul 4, 2019427 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

A Pat in the Back

‘Mr. Perfect’, ‘democratic’, ‘selfless’, ‘nice’ and trustworthy’ were some of the words used to describe the Head of House, Jeff. With a few exceptions in Housemates such as Ella who was unbothered Jeff has HoH and Mike who said the HoH likes to separate himself with his majority, Jeff actually received a pat in the back for being a good Head of House this week. Do you think he will be given another opportunity to be HoH?

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Between the irritated and the ‘irritators’

One of the questions Big Brother asked the Housemates was which Housemate has irritated them in the House. Ella and Mercy told Biggie that they found Isilomo irritating. While Ella said Isilomo is she is aggressive when things do not go her way, Mercy was quite subtle as she said Isilomo irritated her initially but felt they are now better. Omashola and Diane both said Tacha irritated them. Omashola in his defense said Tacha came off to him as a proud as during the launch, she said she doesn’t see other Housemates. Well, it looks like Omashola is still pained apparently. Diane mentioned Tacha because she came across as a defensive person at first but her knowing her has changed her opinion.

Now you may speak

Finally, Biggie hit the unmute button on the Housemates and suspended the silence Task he gave them to do. It was a relief as we saw them exercise their vocal cords, scream, sing and feel human again. Do you think the Pepper Dem gang fared well in today’s Task?

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Did the Housemates first Diary Room session provide you with the spicy entertainment you wanted?

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