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INTERVIEW: Artist, Actor & Fashion Consultant, Shevy O’Shea Talks Being on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots”, #Greenlight, Upcoming EP, Respect for Burna Boy Plus Hopes for Collaboration, and More…


INTERVIEW: Artist, Actor & Fashion Consultant, Shevy O’Shea Talks Being on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots”, #Greenlight, Upcoming EP, Respect for Burna Boy Plus Hopes for Collaboration, and More…

Showcasing the melismatic vocals of pop-soul, Chicago’s own Shevy O’Shea artfully combine ’90s-style ambient synth pop with fire beats. His evocative, vibey, cross-pollinated sound drew accolades.

Having over 1.8 million streams on all digital platforms as an independent artist and collaborating with huge fashion brands such FootLocker, Foot Action, Calvin Klein, Fila, EXPRESS, Zara & GUESS.

This year, with his first major single release under his own label F.A.D.ED Entertainment, LLC, #Greenlight, following the worldwide release of the visual (short film) on YouTube & VEVO. There’s honestly no artist like Shevy O’Shea, Multi-talented And always eager to learn more. 

Check out my interview with him below:

Hey Shevy! Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

What’s great! I’m Shevy O’Shea (Pronounced “Chevy like the truck). I’m a music artist where I create rock / soul, R&B and hip hop blended music. I’m 26 years old, native of Santiago, Dominican Republic, raised in Chicago, IL. I currently live in Los Angeles, super cool, super fly, super-star! 

Talk me through an average day in the life of you? 

My days are so unpredictable, I’m always busy on the move. I usually start my day off with meditation and a mantra, grab breakfast then start my day. Link with my assistant, plan and coordinate the day. MWF I’m always in the studio for 12hrs, Tues, Thur I’m creating, either doing photo shoots or video, media connects or networking. Sunday’s I have Sunday Social where I’m the spiritual leader at the Agora Temple where I lead in a conscious conversation. Weekday-nights I always meet with my trainer at least three times a week and connect with my team where we discuss project direction and release date as well as meet with my designer where we work on designs for my merch. 

What institution(s) did you attend and what did you study?

I attended Morehouse, I studied communications.

When did you discover your love for music and How did your journey into music begin?

I’ve loved and appreciated music my entire life, for as long as I can remember. Living in Atlanta, the Mecca for urban music, r&b and hip hop. I started as a runner at local studios and learned music production and songwriting from the likes of Bryan Michael-Cox, Sean Garrett, and Davis Lyriks. From there in 2016 eager to record music Al Cover Johan gave me my first opportunity to fly to NYC and record my first hit single, “Still Not A Player”, alongside my at the time managers Mex Manny and Larry Smith. 

How did you come up with the “Shevy O’Shea”?

My first name is ShaVelle, my nick name as a kid was Shevy. O’Shea is my grandfathers name who passed away in 2016, I took the name to honor him. 

Tell us more about your independent label, “F.A.D.ED Entertainment, LLC”, any other artists signed to it?

F.A.D.ED – Focused All Day Everyday. We focus on being creatives and we focus forward never backwards. Currently there’s 5 artist total including myself. 

How would you describe the music scene in the United States and is it helping indie artist like you grow?

The music scene in America is “quick” everyone is just doing what works, it lacks originality in my opinion, no one focuses on timeless music anymore. As an indie artist I feel it opens up for new artist to conform to what is considered the norm to “quickly pop” which in a way is beneficial if you got it”! 

You recently released the song “Be Great” and the music video for “Greenlight”, what are the messages behind those titles?

#BeGreat is what my brand stands and it’s what everyone know me from and what I say to everyone, it’s also the title to my upcoming album. #Greenlight symbolizes “Go” again focused forward is the motto. 

In 2016 in Atlanta, after meeting multi Grammy award-winning producers Mex Manny & Larry Mo’ Smith, they signed you to a solo management deal after hearing you sing for the first time. From there you released your first major single “Still Not a Player”, then “#ATGD (About to go Down)” (2018) & your commercial recording of “4am” (2019). What as the music journey experience been like so far?

It’s been a fun creative ride and process. Allowing a lot of self development, talent development, a lot of new opportunities and connections with some amazingly talented people. 

As an independent artist with over 1.8 Millions streams on all digital platforms, what will you say keeps you motivated/inspired to stay dedicated to what you love?

The end result! I know where I’m striving to be. So even in the tough times I remind myself as to why I’m doing what I’m doing, it’s bigger then the music, it’s bigger than myself. The impact I plan to continue to have will help inspire millions of other creatives out there to dare to dream and dream BIG! 

I heard you got plans of releasing a new album later this year, what is the title and who will be featured in it?

Title is #BeGreat

Current features include Adé, Levelle, Singa B, DR, Anty2Fly, Kaash Paige, Luke Cole, and Mariah the Scientist 

Recently I read online that you accredit your sense of music style to Nigeria’s Burna Boy, how so and any plans for collaborations?

Burna Boy is the GOAT. I appreciate is musical skill and vibe. The afro fusion, dance hall scene heavy influences my creative process. I’ve been working on a lot of material with this vibe to potentially have a collaboration with the king himself. 

What’s your 5 Dos and Don’t when it comes to music?


  1. Do you
  2. Do work at it everyday
  3. Do collaborate with other artist
  4. Do try new sounds
  5. Do trust you creative self. 


  1. Don’t doubt yourself
  2. Don’t compare yourself
  3. Don’t give up on it
  4. Don’t feel you have to get it right every time
  5. Don’t get lost in options, always remember your love for the craft. 

What do you do to stay in shape, do you go to the gym? 

I’m vegan, I practice a strict plant based diet, I also train with my trainer, Nico Law, three times a week. And dance rehearsals a least once a week. 

How do you balance your personal and music life?

My personal life is my music life. I do life for music which is what makes me feel at my highest. 

In 2018, you made your television debut on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots”, What was the audition like and how was the experience being in such a big show?

I actually auditioned for Tyler Perry while on a cruise ship with him. He was impressed and invited me to Atlanta to audition again, it took a few months then I got the call saying he wanted me to come in for a small role to see how I’d do. Hands down, One of the greatest experiences of my career. 

What would you say is the main misconception the public have about the music industry?

That all artist are rich just because they have a song or video out or on the radio. It takes time to build and establish. Also the industry takes a lot of creative control from the artist. 

What aspect surprised you the most once you started working in the industry?

How cut throat and competitive the industry is. 

Looking back to when you started doing music and acting, is there anything you would like to change going forward?

I’d just tell my younger self as I tell my current self, moving into the future that “ You’re great, you’re talented, and to be nothing less than great, never doubt yourself. 

Which brands, clients, artists, photographers, producers, directors, etc., have you worked with?

BRANDS: FootLocker, Foot Action, Calvin Klein, Fila, EXPRESS, Zara Fashionova, Rich and Rotten, Boohoo Man, EXPRESS & GUESS

PRODUCERS: Kevin-Dave, Mex Manny, Boo Bear, RedEye, DJ Khaled and Al Cover

Directors: Tyler Perry, Neal Brennan, Lexus Macon, & Quinn Wilson

What do you consider your biggest professional success so far?

Honestly the fact that I’m independent artist fearlessly creating each day, building and growing to have reached over 1.8 millions streams and counting in just 3 years. I’m just getting started!

Who do you want to work with that you haven’t yet? 

Clive Davis, Burna Boy, Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams , Jay-Z, Kanye West, Will Smith, Andre 3000, Bryan Singer, Robert Downey Jr, Ava DuVernay, Spike Lee, Drake, Sean Combs and Oprah Winfrey 

What has been your biggest challenge?

Fearlessness! Waiting on the universe and I to align with my big break. 

Tell us two things people don’t know about you?

I’m super spiritual, and I love to  dance. 

You are very active with massive following on social media. Do you think its important to be online and if so why?

Of course. It allows me to connect with my fans and supporters; get their input on projects likes and dislikes and allow them to know that I’m human just like them. 

You were once based in Atlanta, then Chicago but now living in the Los Angeles, California, and on the grind, you landed two sold-out shows at The Mint & Viper Room. How is that working out for you?

LA is beautiful, minus the quarantine. Life is great! And getting greater. 

What are your must visit travel destinations?

Miami, connecting with my dad, Chicago, I’m in Texas a lot and love New Orleans. 

As a fashion consultant, how would you describe your style?

Trendy, current, lit, fly, the newest drip with my own touch, very versatile. 

Name 5 things we should take seriously about our style choices?

Know what you’re comfortable in, everyone can’t wear everything. 

  1. Wear what makes you feel good. Me personally when I look great I feel great. 
  2. Be vulnerable with style. 
  3. Mix it up 
  4. Splurge on your style. 
  5. Feel good about looking great. 

Name your 5 must have accessories/essentials?

  1. All white air forces
  2. A least one top brand designer shoe: Balenciaga, Gucci. 
  3. A dope pair of sun glasses 
  4. Great pair of jeans, G star! 
  5. And a dope leather jacket. 

What are your favourite fashion trends?

I love them all, street wear is my go to, love formal wear and couture straight from the runway is always dope to watch. 

What is your favourite dish?

Kale salad.  

What music genre appeals to you the most?

Pop soul. 

What songs are currently on your music playlist?

  1. The 1975 – She’s American 
  2. Saint John – Selfish 
  3. Victoria Monét – Moment 
  4. Dvsn – Muse 
  5. Burna Boy – Ye 

Apart from music, what other projects are you currently working on?

  1. My podcast – Conscious Conversations 
  2. My variety show – Brunch With Shevy! 
  3. Designing a clothing line. 

Seeing you’re doing your dreams, what advice can you give others to pursue their dreams?

Believe in your evolution, trust the process and even in tough time remain positive, always Focus Forward. And of course love yourself. If you don’t go within you go without!  

Any specific plans for the future? 

World tour, new music & album, new tv series, motion picture film, clothing line, the future looks bright. 

Any final words?

Thank you I appreciate you and of course #BeGreat! 

Where can we follow you online and on social media?

@shevyoshea on all socials. Learn more by visiting my website: 

Asuquo Eton founded, now one of the most visited TV, music, tech and features website, in 2011. He is also a social media analyst, media and entertainment consultant.

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