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VIDEO: #BBNaija Lockdown Day 17 – Awkward fight between Ozo & Prince, Team Cornish Dawn wins the Challenge and more…

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VIDEO: #BBNaija Lockdown Day 17 – Awkward fight between Ozo & Prince, Team Cornish Dawn wins the Challenge and more…

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For the first time this Season, the House witnessed an awkward fight between love contenders.

Determined to win this week’s Wager Challenge, the Housemates stayed through the night practicing for their music drama. With Trikytee being the producer and leader of this Task, the Housemates sure had to put their acting masks on alongside some level of discipline and seriousness.

While rehearsing for their music drama rehearsal, Prince walked out on the rest of the Housemates and Ozo wasn’t having this and for the first time, Ozo was heard shouting at the top of his voice while expressing his disgust.

As Ozo lost his cool and started shouting, Prince kept his calm, so thankfully, a fight was avoided. Trikytee being the leader of the music drama rehearsal, stepped in to control the situation.

A minute later, Ozo calmed down and apologized to the House for losing his cool. He also apologized to Prince for shouting at him, while explaining that Prince walking out was disrespectful to the House.

Although it was a short rage, it was rather surprising seeing Ozo in that mood. Which left us wondering if it was really about Prince walking out on the Lockdown geng or if it’s a subtle warning towards Prince for stealing his resident bae. What do you think?

Team Cornish Dawn wins the Dulux Challenge

In today’s Lockdown Challenge, the Housemates were tasked to unleash their inner Picasso.

The Lockdown Housemates were briefed on the paint Task and divided into two groups to bring the brief to life.

The Brief

Design a contemporary ante room for a busy female professional who loves bold styles and colours. She wants a welcoming space for her visitors before entering her main room living room. It should blend with the neutral colours in the main house yet with a pop of bright colours. This space should exude her love for art. Choose the colour scheme carefully considering what she wants her visitors to feel in the space, it should be warm and welcoming.

1596662074 34 screenshot 2020 08 05 17.48.33

Unleashed painters

Provided with Dulux paints, paint brushes, rollers , paint trays and other painting tools (provided by Dulux), aprons, throw pillows, vases, potted plants, wall arts, cardboards for the mood boards, images of the props for mood board creation and many more materials to aid them, the teams got to work.

With Ozo leading team Lunar Falls and Kiddwaya as the leader of Cornish Dawn, both teams picked up their protective gears and unleashed the painters in them.

After two hours of turning more into less with their chosen Dulux paints, Biggie’s timer and went off and each team leader presented the beauty that was created. Their designs? One word… mad! Biggie sure had a tough decision to make.

1596662149 34 screenshot 2020 08 05 17.51.37

Judgement o’clock

Biggie gave the team leaders, Ozo and Kiddwaya an opportunity to talk the House through strategies used to achieve the Task and after giving their speeches… judgement time!

Teams were judged based on how they interpreted the client’s brief using their mood board. [20 points]

Team Lunar Falls scored 15 points, while team Cornish Dawn scored 18 points

Teams were judged based on their creativity, colour coordination and attention to details. [60 points]

Team Lunar Falls scored 50 points, while team Cornish Dawn scored 55 points

Teams were judged on their presentation and overall quality [20 points]

In this category, team Lunar Falls scored 18 points and team Cornish Dawn scored 16 points

Total score for team Lunar Falls: 83 points

Total score for team Cornish Dawn: 89 points

A Dulux win for Cornish Dawn

Biggie announced team Cornish Dawn as the winner for this Challenge and this win earned them a grand prize of two million Naira and some Dulux paints for the team. Well done guys!

1596662527 34 screenshot 2020 08 05 20.59.53

The introduction of various Tasks into the Lockdown House has invoked the spirit of competitiveness into the Housemates and we love to see it. Hopefully, this spirit is still present in their next Wager or Arena Games. We’ll see.

Exercise your power to keep your favourite Housemate in Biggie’s House by voting here

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