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VIDEO: #BBNaija Lockdown Day 20 – A Johnnie Walker party, Love, insecurities, and aftermaths plus more…

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VIDEO: #BBNaija Lockdown Day 20 – A Johnnie Walker party, Love, insecurities, and aftermaths plus more…

With the right outfits, makeup, drinks, music, vibes and of course themed dance floor, a perfect Johnnie Walker ‘80s themed party was created.

Now, this is how you rock an ‘80’s party:

Tonight’s party was full of loud colors, extreme fashion (Courtesy of AY Stitches), and forever defining music. To throw an 80’s theme party like this one thrown by Johnnie Walker, you’ll want to include as many 80’s nostalgic ideas and items as you can.

Like this

1596932834 34 screenshot 2020 08 08 at 23.04.42
1596932983 34 screenshot 2020 08 08 at 23.27.04

You gotta dress totally rad!

The next best part of having an 80’s party is dressing the part. Make sure to invite all your guests to put together their best 80’s outfits. There are tons of fashion fads that scream 80’s:

Of course, some lit music

Honestly, no one could have done it better tonight than DJ Consequence. One word, mad!

… and classic dance moves

Drinks or no drinks, the Lockdown geng are always ready to have a great time. Dancing to DJ Consequence’s sick beats and enjoying the company of friends, and on this table were Tolanibaj, Erica, Brighto, Laycon and to be honest, everyone else except Kaisha sha. Baby girl was just standing in one corner and sucking up all the fun in one spot.

Cute couple moments

We all know those annoying people who do nothing but kiss, hug and giggle as they spend the whole party in each other’s arms. They have their own world, laughing at the people dancing and taking videos of those who are drunk.

1596934129 34 screenshot 2020 08 08 at 23.39.34

Lastly, you know your party is lit if it forces your guests to reconcile. After the bed drama between these ladies, Vee, Tolanibaj and Wathoni decided to hug it out at the party tonight.

1596934275 34 screenshot 2020 08 09 at 00.31.30

With the Lockdown Housemates in a Johnnie Walker themed party and all you need is to stay sober and see the interesting party qualities they bring to the table.

Love, insecurities, and aftermaths

Like everything else, there’s a fine line between supporting, protecting and obsessing over your love interest.

There is a difference between the roles of a loving supportive partner and a friend who is deeply in love with you

In the beginning of a relationship or friendship, we all strive to leave a good impression. No one wants to come across as clingy or negative. Even the most careful of us will give off a few cues, and our partner can sense our insecurities.

But what happens when your friend takes over the role of your boyfriend? Let’s get straight to the point… Do you think Laycon overreacted after the party last night? Let’s analyze this abeg…

Overprotective bestie?

Last night was turnt with DJ Consequence and LadiPoe giving us hits back to back and of course, being a Johnnie Walker event, the Housemates had booze for days. While some were able to control their alcohol intake, others… well, let’s just say had too much to drink.

On this table sat Erica as she started displaying signs of being drunk and she went to meet Laycon at the party – hugging, dancing and holding on to him. Under the influence of alcohol, they both shared some intimate moments and dances on the dance floor.

Naturally, after the party, all Housemates either went to bed or to get stuffed with more food. While Erica went to bed with the help of some of the Housemates including Dorathy, Lucy, Laycon and Tolanibaj, Laycon had a conversation later with Praise.

According to Laycon, Erica was trying to kiss him at the party and saying things about trying to avoid Kiddwaya in her drunken state to avoid doing things she’ll regret doing on television. While making his point, Laycon kept stressing on the fact that Erica should sleep in his room so he can keep an eye on her, maybe even sleep on Kaisha’s bed instead. “She has a man, stop involving yourself in all this,” Praise responded as Laycon still looked concerned for Erica.

On the other end of this stick was Erica asking for Kiddwaya to come to her bed as she kept saying, “I wish I didn’t like Kidd”. Kiddwaya finally came to her bed to tuck her in and give her some kisses, while Laycon stayed watching… again, trying to protect his friend, we guess.

What do you think?

1596941338 34 screenshot 2020 08 09 at 01.31.37

Praise went about narrating Laycon’s ordeal to Lucy, “Erica told him she likes him and even tried to kiss him. I saw it with my eyes but he refused but she was drunk and said Laycon should please keep Kidd away from her,” he said. After hearing this gist, Lucy bluntly told Laycon that it was his responsibility to watch over her because he poured her drink for her at the party. Again, Praise told Lucy that the best thing is for Laycon to get over Erica. How easy should that be? Maybe not so easy.

Speaking of drinking, Erica won’t be the only one waking up with a hangover in the morning as Vee also had a great time drowning herself in some alcohol. Thanks to her superman Neo, she was well taken care of and put to sleep.

I said what I said, periodt!

They may just be a couple of days into their newly formed relationship, but Tolanibaj and Prince have definitely set some ground rules to keep their ship sailing.

As Prince was talking to Trikytee about wanting to remain friends with everyone in the House but his current situation isn’t allowing that, Tolanibaj walked in on them and demanded to know what the conversation was about.

After hearing that it involved her, she didn’t look pleased that Prince didn’t talk to her first about it. So when Prince and Trikytee asked why she didn’t like Prince being friends with Wathoni, she sat and explained her points. “I want you to reduce your talk with her, just set boundaries. I don’t want to embarrass myself on national TV and I know you have some feelings for her,” she said. Would you blame her though, just last week, Prince was juggling his feelings between Nengi, Wathoni and Tolanibaj.

Do you think Tolanibaj overdid it though? 

Trikytee being the middleman and mediator in their conversation responded saying, “If there’s anyone you should be worried about, it’s not Wathoni, it’s Nengi”. Then Tolanibaj replied saying she only has one person to face and that’s Prince, so she’s laying down the rules for him to ensure peace and light in their ship.

Nothing else defines entanglements than what’s currently going on in the Lockdown House and it’s rather surprising that we’ve seen every episode that one can ever imagine in just three weeks. So what could be next?

Stay tuned to Big Brother Naija on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29.

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