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#BBNaija Lockdown Day 29: New HoH privileges & Kiddwaya picks Tolanibaj as deputy, the comeback Diary and more…

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#BBNaija Lockdown Day 29: New HoH privileges & Kiddwaya picks Tolanibaj as deputy, the comeback Diary and more…

Kiddwaya Wins fifth HOH Challenge.

HOH Challenge will be one to remember for Kiddwaya as he took the prize that saw him in the HOH Lounge for the second week in a row. The challenge, as usual, was no easy feat- as you will soon find out. Erica sat thise one out as she was the HoH last week and was therefore exempt from this weeks Game. 

1597704146 34 screenshot 2020 08 17 at 19.37.33

A new reward

Biggie made an announcement before the Game began and told the Housemates that the new HOH pair would have the privilege of inviting one other Housemate each into the HOH Lounge. These Housemates would be allowed to hang out in the Lounge, but not to sleep there.

The Rules

In 1 minute and 15 seconds, the Housemates would make it around the board with the following obstacles:

A. Pick and drop, where the Housemate suck a pompom through a straw and blow it out into a bowl. on step 1. 

2. The Popper, where they would pop the balloon before going back to the board. Step 3

3. The Putt where they would put a gold ball the golf ball on block 13

4. An obstacle where they would kick a ball into a net. thereafter their last obstacle before finishing would be to kick a ball into a mini net on block 25

5. There is a restart card and a game over card. 

1597704457 34 screenshot 2020 08 17 at 20.12.06

The mystery chest

A mysterious chest sat on the board tonight where Biggie told the Housemates that to claim the gold in the chest they would have to land on step number 8. The chest would take them 8 steps forward on the mat. This means: as long as they landed on step 8 before getting to the gold chest you must immediately move to step number 28. 

The Obstacles slowed us down

Housemates such as Wathoni, Dorathy and Brighto all fell victim to the very first obstacle in the game having to start on a back foot in comparison to the rest of the Housemates. They each picked their one pom pom and continued. The popper claimed Neo, Nengi, Ozo and Kiddwaya. Obstacle 23 claimed Nengi as she had to run and put the goofball into the hole, where he buzzer rang as she tried to get the ball in. Only Kiddwaya made his way to block 25 which contained the last obstacle. 

1597705286 34 screenshot 2020 08 17 at 20.02.55

How far did they get?

Laycon made it as far as block 6. Nengi made it as far as 13 before the buzzer got her. Trikytee had made it to block 9 where he had to face the Challenge of starting again, looked at the time and decided he did not have the time. Wathoni and Dorathy never made it past the first block. Ozo made it as far as block 14. Brighto made it to block 20. Lucy and Neo made it to block 12, with Praise making his way to the same block as the buzzer rang. Tolanoibaj made it as far as the fifth block. Vee made it as far as block 18. The furthest was obviously Kiddway who made it all the way to block 25 but Prince was hot on his heels as he made it to the 23rd block. 

The comeback Diary

When the Big Brother Housemates got they chance to whisper in Biggies ear, all they talked about was who they would bring back.

Biggie called the Big Brother Housemates in for another chance to share what was on their hearts but might not make it to their lips. The Diary Room chat was centred around who the Housemates voted for during the Eviction Live Show and who they would bring back if they chose anyone. Here’s the gist of what they said when it was safe to say anything.

Laycon filled Biggie in on the fact that he voted for Trikytee and Kaisha because out of all the nominated Housemates, he was the closest to them. If he could return anyone to the House his choice would be Lilo because she was one of the smartest people in the House and didn’t get a chance to show her personality.
Vee let Biggie know that she voted for Kaisha and Wathoni to go. Her reason was that she wanted her better half Neo to progress in the game and Trikytee is closer to her than Wathoni. As for bringing someone back, her choice was Tochi.

1597687346 34 screenshot 2020 08 17 at 14.25.08  1

Kiddwaya shared with Biggie that his Eviction Vote went to Kaisha and Wathoni. He reasoned that Kaisha didn’t bond enough with the fellow Housemate’s, and Wathoni needed to go because he felt that she wasn’t being herself. He also shared the sentiment that Tochi would be the perfect person to bring back.

Lucy said that her Eviction Votes were cash for Trikytee and Kaisha because she felt the majority of the Housemates would vote for Kaish and she wanted hers to make the vital difference. If given the choice to bring someone back, Lucy’s selection would be Ka3na because she felt true friendship with her.

1597687443 34 screenshot 2020 08 17 at 15.02.34  1

Trikytee used his time to tell Biggie that he was surprised by the early exits of Ka3na and Eric. He also shared that he missed Kaisha a great deal as they had struck up a friendship during her time in the House.  
Nengi let Biggie know that her Eviction Votes were cast for Kaisha and Wathoni because they do not feature in terms of closeness to her. Her choice for a returning Housemate was also Tochi as she thought of him as “A really cool dude.”

1597687511 34 screenshot 2020 08 17 at 15.41.19

After being sent back for being dressed inappropriately in the Diary Room, Dorathy told Biggie that her Eviction Votes went to Kaisha and Trikytee because she was looking out for her friends who wanted Neo and Wathoni to stick around.  She agreed with a few of the other Housemates that if it was possible, Ka3na should be brought back. 

Another session of secretrs was far from done and if you are looking forward to finding out more, just keep your eyes locked on the Big Brother Blog.

Exercise your power to keep your favourite Housemate in Biggie’s House by voting here

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