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VIDEO: #BBNaija Lockdown Day 53 – Lights! Camera! Showmax!, exclusive interview with the HoH chair and more…

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VIDEO: #BBNaija Lockdown Day 53 – Lights! Camera! Showmax!, exclusive interview with the HoH chair and more…

The Housemates bring their acting skills to the stage for the Showmax talent show.

It was a triple dose of entertainment as the Housemates divided into three teams gave an elaborate reenactment of TV shows for the Showmax Talent Show. The teams were Team Game of Thrones, Team Power and Team Suits. All aptly named after TV shows showing on the Showmax platform.

How it went down

After days of preparation, the Housemates finally stepped on stage to showcase all they had prepared for. Each team had a duration of 30 minutes to present their talent show and they made good use of each second. The show featured show hosts and two assistant hosts, and a judging panel of three housemates. Working in teams, each team took turns in playing the role of show hosts, assistant hosts and judges.

Showdown on stage

Team Game of Thrones went first with Vee, Trikytee and Laycon delivering a stellar performance as they reenacted a scene from Game of Thrones. Next was Team Suits consisting of Ozo, Nengi and Neo who turned the stage to a courtroom as they performed a scene from Suits TV show. Finally, Kiddwaya, Dorathy and Prince went all gangsta on stage as they gave their own reenactment of the Power TV show.

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The Housemates have to wait for a bit for the winner of this Task to be announced, but in our book, they are all winners and we can’t wait to see some of them take up movie roles.

Exclusive interview with the HoH chair

We imagined what the HoH chair would say if it could talk and we didn’t just stop there, we decided to conduct an interview.

We had a word with the BB Naija Head of House chair earlier today. Don’t ask us how it happened, these things do happen. Work with us here. Anyway, we got a chance to interview the much- revered chair and ask about life in the Lockdown House and what it means to bear such responsibility.

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Hello HoH Chair, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us. 
It’s a pleasure.

We won’t waste your time any further. We will get right into it. What’s it like being the most important chair in the House?

Well, it’s really an honour and a huge responsibility to be the seat of power in the House. It’s quite an overwhelming feeling sometimes, but I try not to let it get to my head. You know how power corrupts. I try to stay level headed most of the time especially because I am surrounded by fellow chairs. I try not to lord it over them.

What’s it like serving the different Heads of House
It’s a huge responsibility. People who wield such power in the House deserve a place of comfort to rest their behinds on. They say uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, but they forget to add that heavy is the behind that adorns this crown. I like to think I give them a place to rest their weary behinds.

Do you have a favourite Head of House?
No, I don’t want to believe I have a favourite. They are all unique and that’s what makes me appreciate every one of them. I’ve had the funny ones, the controversial ones and the strict ones and it’s been a thrill serving each one of them. From Nengi to Ozo, Lucy, Erica, Kiddwaya and Trikytee, all have been amazing.

Has anyone of them been too heavy for you to carry?
Not at all! I believe I am sturdy enough to endure whatever weight they throw at me.

Has anyone of them farted on you?
I prefer not to talk about that, please. Are you on a smear campaign?

No no no… Just trying to know more about them…

Next question, please.

Do you ever feel left out when the Housemates don’t use you like the others
No, I don’t. I like to think that I am special and I can’t be subjected to things other chairs get subjected too. Not saying I don’t envy the fun they have sometimes. I see the other chairs being used for dancing competitions and I also notice the couch gets a lot of action especially with the couples, but the truth is I am a big deal and I can’t afford to be used as the others. I am high class, not cheapay, please.

Do you have anything to say to chairs out there carrying numerous BBNaija fans?
Well, keep doing your thing. You are giving millions of people joy as they sit on you and enjoy the Show. Keep your legs strong.

Thank you for talking to us. Do enjoy the rest of the season.

You are welcome.

Do you mind if we sit on you briefly?

Are you the Head of House?

Well… In my House, I am.

Go and sit in your House then.


Exercise your power to keep your favourite Housemate in Biggie’s House by voting here. You can also download the MyGOtv and MyDStv apps for additional Votes. Stay tuned to Big Brother Naija on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29.

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