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Daniel Jean talks about building his empire, his new reality show “Famous For Nothing” and his luxurious restaurant partnership “Room24K”


Daniel Jean talks about building his empire, his new reality show “Famous For Nothing” and his luxurious restaurant partnership “Room24K”

He took over social media, he has evolved into one of the biggest social media influencers and seen with the hottest celebrity’s. In this day and age! Social media influencers are popular folks who have established credibility in a specific industry, has access to a huge audience and can persuade others to act based on their recommendations. Their audience isn’t limited to their actual followers; they can connect with the followers of their followers who share their content. Daniel started out working with This Is 50’s Jack Thriller as a part of his Party and Bullshit Show. He would bring flowers, teddy bears and candy to the guests, as a way to promote his luxury car service. A driver needs clients. Eventually, he started driving around Fat Boy SSE, a popular Instagram comic who asked Daniel to be a part of his skit.

Fat Boy ended up pouring the whole bottle on Daniel’s feet to get a huge reaction out of the unexpected twist that made the video hilarious. Most people laughed at Daniel’s facial expressions. Yet he wanted more, but after reaching out and working with other IG comedians he quickly learned about the politics of “Doing It for the Gram!” From Drake, Rihanna to even Jay-Z! He has been seen amongst the stars and went virtual making a comedy skit on Instagram for these known celebrity’s.

Standing on 600,000 followers on his way to 1 million, Daniel believes there’s more to his story that people don’t know and should know. After a long friendship with 50 cents right hand and jack thriller, Daniel is now currently a cast member filming for a new reality show entitled “Famous for Nothing”. Daniel will be filming his life around New York City and his daily routines and how he makes skits and funny you tuber videos to keep his fans entertained and laughing.

But on the business level Daniel is now a restaurant owner and his business partner Alexander Pitt, embarked on getting his career to the top! Room24k is becoming the HOT SPOT in Brooklyn, New York where all the celebrities are coming to Dine and eat once they’re in town.  The packages are cheap but yet the food are delicious! Dinner for two is probably our favorite! Unlimited complimentary entrees, wine, champagne or juice.

Even the birthday events are LIT and you can celebrate with Daniel anytime of the WEEK. From social media Influencer, To a reality star, moving into acting to now a business owner, DFaniel Jean is one to watch.

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