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NEWS ALERT: 4Syte TV Ghana Goes Live!


NEWS ALERT: 4Syte TV Ghana Goes Live!

Big things are really happening in the entertainment industry currently; especially with young entrepreneurs who decided to invest in show business. Young men and women are taking over issues in the industry and are gradually making giant strides.

One of the fastest growing names that is becoming very credible on Television with the professional display of visual effects in Ghana, is 4syte TV. A brand which started as a 30 minutes entertainment program on TV 3 Ghana has become a notable name in Television and audio visual production in the country. The brand began as a TV show, went into poolside parties, celebrity birthday bashes, Music Video Awards and now Hip Hop Awards.

In less than five years, 4Syte TV has now metamorphosed into a complete 24 hours Television station in Ghana. All the famous 4Syte TV programs and events can only be seen on one Television station, the 4Syte TV Live Channel on Multi TV and on Astra 2B (Free To Air) across West Africa.

The CEO of 4Syte, Mr. Ignace Hego Kwame disclosed this, according to him, all 4Syte TV programs on TV, like the 4SyteTV entertainment program shown on TV 3 and e-TV Ghana, and the Top 10 Music Video show on e-TV Ghana, will now be shown exclusively on the 4Syte TV Live channel.

He revealed that the station which is now screaming live has been on Test transmission for the past weeks, and it is already getting great feedback on twitter, facebook and other social networks. Ignace added that 4Syte TV Live can now be viewed all across West Africa, and viewers from Liberia, Nigeria and other countries have already confirmed they are watching 4Syte TV Live in their respective countries.

Asked what the focus of the new channel is, Mr. Hego said “We want to entertain, educate, inform and attract more tourists. We want to empower the youth about self empowerment and self-employment. We want teach the youth about the benefits of technology and how to control or use it”.

Talking about the kind of programs going to be shown on 4Syte TV Live Ignace said there will be a program for kids, news, discussion programs, a program that will show solely exclusive music videos, chart shows among others, but all will be on Entertainment. 4Syte TV Live will also bring back old program like “Paradise” which is produced by 4Syte and hosted by Bolaray, the various pool parties, the past celebrity birthday bashes, past editions of 4syte Music Video Awards among others.

He said the station will only show classic and world standard music videos. “We will show Hi-Life, Hiplife, Hip hop, R&B, gospel, Reggae and every music video, as long as it meets our standards. 4Syte TV Live wants to raise the quality standard of music videos in Africa. 4Styte TV Live is due to be launched officially in a few weeks after which they will roll out their entire programs one after the other.

On how one can get the channel, Ignace said anybody who has a Multi TV box should just auto-search the channels, and 4Syte TV Live will be on. The channel is currently transmitting from their 4Syte office at Lartebiokorshie but lgnace disclosed that they will move to a new and bigger office complex very soon.

4Syte TV has been showing on TV3 for the past five years. The 4Styte TV Celebrity Bash has been running every month for the past three years, the 4Syte TV Music Video Awards has happened annually for the past three years, and the maiden edition of the 4Syte Hip Hop Awards is yet to be launched among other new events in the future.

Asuquo Eton founded, now one of the most visited TV, music, tech and features website, in 2011. He is also a social media analyst, media and entertainment consultant.

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