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The Finalists’ first exercise session was a yoga class to ease the tension. Just the mere thought that one of them will walk away with the coveted prize of US$300 000 in a week’s time should be enough to raise the tension.

Keagan, Kyle, Lady May, Talia and Wati all went through the paces with the instructor save for Prezzo. It all seemed too much for Keagan who was constantly struggling with balancing.

Yoga is all about flexibility and balance and works on one’s mind, body and spirit so the Finalists should have a clean bill of health by the Finale on Sunday.

We Have To Nominate!
Talia’s heart almost popped out when Lady May told her that they have to nominate each other.

Biggie called Lady May into the Diary Room and Talia was curious so Lady May dished the dirt to her. “We have to nominate three Housemates,” Lady May explained very convincingly.

Seeing that the Zambian lass was close to a fit, she retracted her statement and told her that Biggie would brief the Housemates in due course.

It’s exciting to see that the Housemates have learnt that Big Brother can swing the game in any direction at any time.

Diary Room: Prezzo Goes Religious
Prezzo has been given a secret Task to act like Lady May until tomorrow morning.

During his first Diary session as a StarGame Finalist, Prezzo told Biggie that some of the Finalists were bound to crack under pressure this week but he didn’t have anything to worry about. “I’ve never been HoH to save myself. It has just been God’s work,” he said.

Prezzo added that he suspected that Lady May, Talia, Keagan and Kyle would change this week to try and fish for Votes.

Asked what it takes to win, he cited determination, motivation and ultimate focus. His biggest challenge for the final week is that that “there will be five losers and one rich Housemate on Sunday.”

Just before ending his Diary session, he told Biggie that Kyle was getting on his nerves because he is “selfish and dumb”. Stealing from his Nigerian singer love-interest Goldie, he said he would speak, hear, see no evil. “I’m on Satan alert right now,” he testified.

Meanwhile, he said he had already given Talia and Roki souvenirs but for everyone else, it would be “a Coke and a smile.”

Diary Room: Kyle on An Emotional Ride
Kyle took Biggie on an emotional journey during his first Diary session as a StarGame Finalist.

“It means a lot to me because growing up, people didn’t like me a lot,” he said. He added that he battled a lot with his weight issues and “I sniffed on a lot of things and smoked on a lot of trees.”

He added that his ways had led to him turning into a delinquent, being expelled from many schools and being on the wrong side of his family.

He was dumbfounded that there are people out there that really believe in him. “This has given me a reason to live. US$300 000 is a dream Biggie.”

He went on to sing his StarGame partner, Jannette’s praises; “she pushed me to this and I wish I could win this for us.” Meanwhile, Kyle told Biggie that he had a hunch that Wati had put him up for possible Eviction but he had no hard feelings and decided to live it to Africa.

“I feel like this week will be a drag. I want to see people,” he concluded.

However, Biggie was not done with him yet and challenged him to walk, talk and act like Talia at selected intervals until tomorrow morning with the prospects of getting a reward.

Diary Room: Wati’s Happy He Broke Uganda
Wati was confident about his Save and Replace decision during his first official Finalist Diary session.

He said though Kyle was okay with being put up at first, he started to doubt him later. He said Jannette’s over the top personality was her downfall and said the tiff between them had been a sore area ever since. “I lied when IK asked me about it and Jannette took advantage of that,” Wati said.

While in Downville, Wati had claimed that Jannette had given him a hand job but Jannette denied it. So, at this point it’s his word against hers and they are the only ones that know the truth.

“Maybe it was her strategy but it worked to my advantage,” Wati said. He told Biggie that he suspects that Kyle, Prezzo and perhaps Lady May would change during this week.

“Everyone will change here or there but these will show more,” Wati explained.
Meanwhile, he told Biggie that he had received some souvenirs from Keitta, Keagan, Talia and Junia and was still thinking about giving Talia his guitar because she asked for it.

Wati will have to act, talk and walk like Lady May until tomorrow morning.

News: All About Seydou. . . Again!
Talia had to defend her relationship with Seydou again, this evening.

It seems some of the StarGame boys still do not understand Talia’s fixation with Seydou. Talia had to explain herself again as she chilled in the Jacuzzi with the boys. Kyle, who initially had a crush on Talia, asked the Zambian about her connection to Sey.

“Why should I have to explain myself? Honestly, it’s always the same questions over and over again. Sey and I have a connection that I really want to explore further,” she said.

When Kyle asked Talia what she would do if Seydou came to the Finale with another girl, Talia told him “I would be sad, but life goes on”.

Later, Kyle told the gang he had an interest in Talia in the early days of the game, but he pulled back to give Seydou a chance. “Thereafter, it was Eve all the way for me. That girl is hot,” he said.

Prezzo Sleeps Outside
Prezzo seems to be dedicated to his Secret Task. This evening, he slept outside, Lady May style.

This evening, the Kenyan raised a few eyebrows when he grabbed his mattress and blankets and laid them out carefully on the lawn.

Once he had made his bed for the night, Prezzo draped the Kenyan flag at the foot of his bed. Earlier in the day, Prezzo was given a Secret Task by Big Brother, which requires him to act like Lady May

This week certainly is going to be a tough one for the Housemates. After 85 days locked away from reality, StarGame is finally coming to a spectacular climax.

We Want girls!
Keagan and Wati looked straight into the cameras and made a really naughty plea.

85 days in the Big Brother House has proven to be a bit problematic for some of the StarGame boys. Wati and Keagan spoke all evening about missing nookie and how they cannot wait to hook up with girls outside the House.

Wati made it be known exactly what kind of girl he is looking for as soon as he exits on Sunday. “I want a Blue Bulls dancer on Sunday night. Hook me up please,” Wati said, with a naughty smile on his face.

When Wati suggested going to a strip club to see girls named Peaches and such, Keagan laughed at him and told him all the girls in the strip joints have normal names. “Some are called Shaka Zulu even,” Keagan said, much to Wati’s amusement.

It is safe to say now we know what Keagan and Wati will be getting up to as soon as the Upville’s lights are switched off!

Your Big Brother StarGame Finalists are Keagan, Kyle, Lady May, Prezzo, Talia and Wati. CLICK HERE to vote for your WINNER!

– By Lindiwe Nkonyane & NgettyD (M-Net)

Asuquo Eton founded, now one of the most visited TV, music, tech and features website, in 2011. He is also a social media analyst, media and entertainment consultant.

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