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It looks like the Housemates got it all this morning. For their final workout session in StarGame they certainly decided to go out with a bang.

The usually lazy StarGamers today were in high spirits as they put on display high energy foot stumping and heart pumping moves. Instead of complaining and whining about the extremely energetic workout, smiles beamed from ear to ear and laughter echoed throughout the House.

Afterwards Prezzo even begged the trainer to give him a copy of her CD’s so that he can exercise at home. We are sure his daughter will be very happy to have daddy in great shape so that he can play and run around with her.

From Loveville to Homeville Then What?
Love is in the air for Keagan and Talia but for how long?

That was the burning question on Talia’s this morning. The Zambian was yet again cuddled in bed with her new StarGame beau as the continued to talk and kiss under the covers. “Do you think he (Seydou) will still be there, do you think that he might want to make it work after this,” she asked her new StarGame flame. Of course you can count on Keagan to not mince his words, “To be quite honest, I don’t think it’s gonna happen but it is up to you,” he retorted.

The South African made it clear to her that he will respect whatever decision she makes and that it is completely up to her whether or not she wants to pursue a relationship with after they exit the Big Brother Africa House or if she would want to go back to Seydou. The Upville lad let her know that either way he still wants her to be a part of his life. “I still want to be your friend and I want to get to know you better,” he professed and then added, “We can sit at the beach and have long conversations.”

Aww how sweet, it is clear that Keagan is head over heels for the Zambian. But does she really feel the same way or is she just stringing him along?

Reward: A Jamaican Feast!
The House has been turned into an island as the Finalists celebrate Jamaica’s 50th Independence.

After a great week, Biggie decided to reward the Housemates with a pleasant surprise.

Green, black and yellow colours not only adorned by the Finalists but the garden as well. With three executive chefs at their disposal, the Finalists engaged with the culinary experts in preparing an interactive Jamaican feast with live music to match.

The Finalists enjoyed their time with the chefs and Wati seems to be considering a career in the Food Industry, after all he was crowned the best cook in Downville.

We’ll be hearing a lot of Patois in the House once the chefs leave – that’s for sure.

The Finalists Belt it Out!
The Housemates had fun during their Jamaican feast as they took turns behind the microphone.

They fused some Raggae songs with Rap, Soul and Blues much to the delight of Biggie’s guests. Prezzo and Lady May went first with their own rendition of the Bob Marley hit “Jammin” followed by Kyle and Talia performing “Redemption Song”.

There was a lot of excitement and cheering on as each of them belted it out.

Whose performance wowed you the most?

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