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MTN Project Fame Academy Day 17: Contestants Create Music Bill Board


MTN Project Fame Academy Day 17: Contestants Create Music Bill Board

Brenda as the captain for the week seems to be having real issues with the other contestants. She constantly has to result to shouting before she can get them to do their chores. Its not been easy and she’s not finding it funny at all. Let’s see if she can pull it through till the end of the week…
(Do you think she can?)

The exercise for the day was to create a bill board of songs. It took a lot of shouting to create the sanity needed to move ahead with the exercise. They eventually came up with the following global all-time hit songs but not without some contention from Musulyn:
1. Thriller by Michael Jackson

2. No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley

3. Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye

4. Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

5. I Will Always Love You by whoxxx?

6. Don’t Worry by Bobby xxx

7. I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly

8. All Night Long by Lionel Richie

9. Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder

10. End Of The Road by Boys II Men

Musulyn felt majority of the songs chosen were most popular in Nigeria and not necessarily worldwide, but since she was the only one objecting, majority had to carry the vote. (Do you agree with her?)

Later they did their chores and prepared for the next class for the day. Mummy J’s class was the platform to address the rift between Grace and Joshua who were at logger-heads because joshua felt Grace shouts at people and is also very disrespectful at times. Mummy J amicably resolved the matter and made them understand that the competition isn’t only musical but also psychological, but no matter what they need to learn to live at peace with each other despite coming from different backgrounds and varying ideologies.

Ige’s class was peaceful, with rehearsals but Uncle Ben’s had its expected theatrical moments. Two rehearsal classes but with diverse atmospheric pressures. While Christian described Ige’s class as calm, he feels Uncle Ben’s class can never pass without an uproar. Both achieve growth but from totally different approaches.

As the week quickly passes by, the contestants need your votes. So, keep voting and you just stand a chance of winning big in our weekly draws…

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