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Check out what’s on this March on the National Geographic Channel


Check out what’s on this March on the National Geographic Channel

World's Biggest Festival: Khumbh Mela
World’s Biggest Festival: Khumbh MelaSaturday, 02 March at 9pm
Imagine a crowd so massive, it is visible from space. A crowd, likely to be 100 million people strong intent on just one thing: bathing in a sacred river to wash away sins and gain a chance at a new beginning. Once every 12 years, Hindus from around the world converge at Sangam in Allahabad, India, at the convergence of the Ganges, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati rivers. It is known as the Maha Kumbh Mela, and it is not only the world’s largest religious festival, it is also believed to be the largest gathering of humans in one place, at one time on earth. The festival began January 14 and lasts through March 10.Now, National Geographic Channel (NGC) takes you inside this amazing event in the new world premiere special World’s Biggest Festival: Kumbh Mela. Edited on location in Allahabad, India, NGC will bring a dazzling spectacle of spiritual fervor and collective diversity into the living rooms of people all over the world. This year, up to 100 million people are expected to attend the festival and award-winning investigative journalist Diego Buñuel is determined to uncover the heart and soul of this extraordinary event as it is happening. Known for his universal appeal and easy-going style, Buñuel will live as a spiritual pilgrim amongst the naga sadhus and other holy men of the Maha Kumbh Mela for 24 days of the festival, providing viewers with an immersive experience of this extraordinary event. .
Bid & Destroy Abandoned
Bid & Destroy Abandoned
Tuesdays at 7:10pmLake House Riches: 19 March 2013
The Cash Factory: 26 March 2013

Tuesdays at 8:05pm Philadelphia AME Church: 19 March 2013
Maryland Grist Mill: 26 March 2013

Destruction has never looked this sexy. Well, depends on which end of the calamity one is situated, perhaps. Bid & Destroy follows  the crew from New Hampshire’s Danley Demo, as they bid for jobs throughout New England, ultimately taking a gamble on over whopping 200 properties a year. When they win the bid, they tear the place apart looking for abandoned treasures to make money off of, and then knock it flat to the ground. The demolitions run the gamut from small homes to abandoned warehouses, and each one has a story and the promise of treasure troves to be found. Who said treasure was only found on islands… People travel for different reasons. Some, for adventure, others like National Geographic’s expert carpenter Jay Chaikin, do it for what may seem oddly exciting to the normal mind. He takes his buddies Mark and Dan, as they look to make money in an unusual way exploring abandoned buildings in search of items of value. This quest for gems is sure to inspire many, with the financial crisis fully among us; you never know when one might need to stumble on a treasure chest underneath a dilapidated building. Their journey opens the most interesting of discoveries including Coca Cola memorabilia and even an Edison phonograph. Whatever the find, viewers are sure set to be intrigued.

Paranatural II Drugs Inc. 3
Paranatural II Drugs Inc. 3
Wednesdays at 7:10pmAnimal Apocalypse: 13 March 2013
Sasquatch Planet: 20 March 2013

Thursdays at 7:10pm Hawaiian Ice: 21 March 2013
Alaska Heroin Rush: 28 March 2013

There is always a case of uncovering a bizarre phenomenon in some place in the world. These sightings have occurred throughout history. Encounters with monsters, spirits, beings from other worlds and dimensions continue to fascinate mankind. But, over the years scientific advancements have solved many of these mysteries, illustrating the natural causes at work behind seemingly supernatural events. Still, many answers continue to elude scientists and researchers of anomalous phenomena. The series Paranatural documents the current search for answers behind these seemingly un-natural events Returning for a third season, National Geographic Channel’s popular series Drugs Inc is back with a bang. With intimate first-hand, street-level testimonies from those at the front lines and back alleys of the drug trade — traffickers, dealers, users, U.S. federal agents and cops — the investigative series examines over R 1 trillion-a-year industry from all angles. Balancing heart-breaking user interviews, unflinching footage of addicts “shooting up” and incredible access to the armed drug dealers and gang members who supply them, Drugs Inc. also joins the front lines with the local and federal law enforcement agencies charged with combating the U.S.’s drug problem. Emotions run high as a teenager admits to his mom for the first time that he attempted to hang himself while on crystal meth. And we will meet a grandfather who turned to crack cocaine after facing unemployment and losing contact with his family.

Australia’s Deadliest Vacations Gone Wild
Australia’s Deadliest Vacations Gone Wild
Australia’s Deadliest:
Thursday, 28 March at 6pm

An animal ruined my vacation:
Saturday, 09 March at 6pm

The world has got some really dangerous destinations when it comes to wildlife and Australia is home to some of the most deadly animals in the world and getting in their way can kill a human within minutes. This incredible new Australian series tells real life survival stories of people who have come close to death in their own backyards. Nat Geo WILD follows people who have had close encounters with dangerous creatures ranging from Box Jellyfish that can kill with a single sting and Saltwater Crocodile known for its death roll, to the Taipan Snake that has the most toxic venom of the species, the expansive jaws of the infamous Great White Shark. All these encounters are sure to get “down-under” your skin. Holiday season is really cherished by people worldwide. Every time the big day finally arrives – people have scrimped, saved and looked forward to it all year with the view that “this is going to be the best vacation ever!” But on Nat Geo WILD’s Vacations gone Wild; when they least expect it, they come face to face with wild animals who wreak havoc – with hilarious results. Using incredible actual home videos and detailed re-enactments, tourists tell their tale of how an animal ruined their vacation and things went wild. Top animal behaviourists analyse the footage and give us the animals’ perspective of the events and how viewers should act if in a similar situation. Something to definitely consider, if you’re going away…

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