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Meet the Devious Maids coming to M-Net Series Showcase


Meet the Devious Maids coming to M-Net Series Showcase


Five maids to the filthy rich folk of Beverly Hills fearlessly plot and scheme against their employers in Devious Maids showing on Thursdays at 7pm WAT on M-Net Series Showcase, also available on DStv Catch Up. Rosie, Marisol, Carmen Valentina and Zoila have the best seats in the house to all the titillating drama in the homes of the freakishly wealthy. You don’t really expect them to bite the hands that feed them, but that’s exactly what they do, by manipulating and blackmailing their bosses. Throw a murder of one of their own in the mix and their claws come out. Mark Cherry executive produces the series after eight successful seasons of the primetime hit Desperate Housewives. Vendettas will abound as these fiery women plot to take down the rich and powerful. But just who are the Devious Maids?

Dania Ramírez  This young up-and-coming actress is a powerhouse of talent. She already has a SAG Award for her performance as Blanca inThe Sopranos and she’s starred in other small and big screen hits such as Heroes, Entourage and X-Men: The Last Stand. Dania brings all that talent to Devious Maids as Rosie Falta, who works for the Westmore family. Rosie must deal with the Westmore’s family drama and her own personal dilemmas.

Ana Ortiz  Ana claimed her fame as the vivacious Hilda Suarez in Ugly Betty. In Devious Maids she plays Marison, who works for newlywed couple Michael and Taylor Stappord. Marisol’s lack of an accent makes her employers question her authenticity, but she eventually helps them look past that and proves her worth.

Roselyn Sánchez Singer and actor Roselyn has enjoyed success with light-hearted and serious roles opposite Hollywood’s most talented including Cuba Gooding Junior, John Travolta and Jackie Chan.She also gained a lot of recognition for the song Amor Amor. Now she’s cast as Carmen Luna, a tenacious, slightly dangerous woman who works for a Latin pop star.

Judy Reyes Reyes trades in her nurse’s uniform, after her role in the hit TV Series Scrubs, for a maid’s uniform to play Zoila Diaz, who works for social butterfly Genevieve Delatour. Aside from being an impeccable maid, Zoila is accustomed to chipping in with her views on the happenings in the Delatour manor while trying to set her daughter on the straight and narrow.

Edy Ganem Ganem has starred in various comedies and dramas, includingThe Cleveland Show and Like Crazy opposite Jennifer Lawrence. She plays Zoila’s rebellious daughter Valentina in Devious Maids, who also works as a maid in the Delatour house and hopes to save enough money to attend fashion school. For plenty of scandal and drama tune in to Davious Maids at 7pm WAT every Thursday on M-Net Series Showcase, also available on DStv Catch Up.

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