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Suits is back on M-Net!


Suits is back on M-Net!


Suits Season 3 is finally back with new episodes so be sure to tune in to M-Net this Saturday, 22 March, at 8:30pm for your weekly dose of legal drama.

The series has been off our screens for some time now so just in case you’ve forgotten what has transpired thus far, we’ve put together a quick recap for you to take a squiz at:

The season kicked off with Jessica and Darby’s merger set in stone. Harvey was assigned the case of oil executive Ava Hessington. She has close ties with Darby and her freedom was in Harvey’s hands (no pressure). The fact that Harvey’s old nemesis, Cameron Dennis, was the Prosecutor on the case didn’t make Harvey’s job any easier seeing as Dennis had intentions of settling old scores.

Harvey fought tirelessly to prove Ava’s innocence, but was faced with some unexpected obstacles along the way. Harvey mended his relationship with Mike, at the cost of hurting Louis who had offered Mike a mentorship. Mike then helped him on the Hessington case. The power pair was back together.

Meanwhile, Louis and Nigel started an office battle for power over the associates and it ended up being way more personal than both of them anticipated. Louis went as far as fighting for custody of Nigel’s cat then Nigel gave up control over the associates in exchange for his cat.

Donna struck up a relationship with Darby’s right-hand man from the London office, Stephen Huntley, who later proved to be a scoundrel and broke Donna’s heart. This subsequently sent Harvey into a raging tantrum where he beat Stephen to a pulp and got arrested on charges of murder for his involvement in the Hessington case.

Harvey made plans to take over the firm from Jessica, but he eventually came clean to her about his intentions. She was upset to say the least and they slowly tried to rebuild trust in each other. Jessica named Harvey as partner. Their new union was then tested because even though Ava was acquitted of the murder charges against her, she decided to sue Pearson Darby Spector for malpractice. Scottie was grilled by Ava’s malpractice lawyer, which led Harvey to get closer to her. Ava eventually dropped the suit.

Mike and Rachel are officially an item. Their relationship progressed until Mike found out from Rachel’s father, Robert Zane, that she had applied to Harvard. They eventually patched things up and Rachel decided to go to Columbia University to further her studies. Jessica found out about Rachel and Mike’s relationship and got Rachel to sign an affidavit to say that she knew Mike didn’t go to Harvard to cover her back just in case Rachel’s father were to find out about their dirty laundry at the firm.

Then Louis used his supposed girlfriend’s access to an office where she keeps all the Harvard graduate files and his usually curious mind was stirred even more after he couldn’t find Mike’s file.

And to pick up where we left off on Saturday, 22 March at 8:30pm on M-Net, Harvey gets caught up between Jessica and Scottie when he mixes business with pleasure. Meanwhile, Louis’ suspicion over Mike grows.

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