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Thrilling Shows Coming to M-Net and M-Net Series This June


Thrilling Shows Coming to M-Net and M-Net Series This June

The 100

Check out the amazing series viewing on M-Net and M-Net series this June. Look forward to the return of your favourite shows as well as all-new first time to TV series.


Modern Family S5 returns
Wednesday 25 June 2014 @ 8:30pm

The family politics of the Pritchett-Dunphy clan return from vacation this month, picking up right where we left off. In the returning episode, Jay treats all the adults in the family to a trip to Vegas, where their usual shenanigans don’t seem to stop them from having a good time.


The Middle S5 starts
Tuesday 17 June 2014 @ 7pm

Frankie and Mike are the parents of their weirdly wonderful kids, Sue, Axl and Brick, and with them approaching middle-age, and two of their kids hitting their teens, it’s only a matter of time before family drama turns into family crisis.

In the season premiere, Frankie insists that the entire family go on a road trip with Axl, as they drive to college to help him move in. Naturally, things don’t go as planned.



Two and A Half Men season 11 starts
Wednesday 04 June 2014 @ 9pm

The awkward and embarrassing antics of Two and A Half men return, and with Jake headed off to college the boys get a surprising new visitor to the house: Charlie’s illegitimate daughter, named Jenny. Walden and Alan quickly find out that she’s just like her father in every possible way.


The Mentalist S6 season 6 starts
Wednesday 11 June 2014 @ 9:30pm

Patrick Jane has a knack for understanding and reading human behaviour, so it’s a good thing he gave up his scam of being a phony psychic to help out the California Bureau of Investigation solve serious crimes.

On the course of pursuing Red John, Jane and Lisbon secretly narrow down the list of suspects and get closer to the dangerous conclusion in the sixth season premiere.


Friends With Better Lives season 1 starts
Wednesday 04 June 2014 @ 7pm

Six friends all find themselves at different stages in their lives: married, divorced, single and newly engaged. They’re all happy on the outside, but secretly doubtful on the inside. What if their friends really do have better lives?

Some have responsibility, some are on the cusp of finding happiness and some just can’t seem to balance their careers with their love lives.  They’re best friends with complicated relationships that just prove: everyone wants everyone else’s life.



House of Cards Season 2 starts
Friday 27 June 2014 @ 10:30pm

When Frank Underwood, a ruthless and ambitious congressman is double-crossed by the President of the United States, he plots revenge. Together with his wife, Claire and equally brutal right hand man, Doug, Frank prepares to abandon all allegiances and take what is rightfully his.

In season two, Frank’s new appointment as Vice President of the United States could be marred by an investigation into the murder of Peter Russo.


Royal Pains Season 5 starts
Monday 02 June 2014 @ 8:30pm

After leaving the hustle and bustle of the city, Doctor Hank Lawson moves to the Hamptons and becomes a private medical concierge to its wealthy residents. Together with his brother, Evan and his physician assistant, Divya, Hank manages the ailments of the rich and famous.

In season five, Hank returns to work full-time but Divya and Evan keep a close eye on him. Meanwhile, a potential lawsuit and a big corporation threaten HankMed’s business.



Criminal Minds Season 9 starts
Saturday 14 June 2014 @ 8:45pm

Within the FBI, the Behavioural Analysis Unit or BAU investigate some of the most gruesome crimes. Together an elite team of agents track down serial killers by tracing their techniques.

When a methodical killer surfaces, the team travel to Arizona to help local authorities investigate and capture the unsub, in the season nine premiere. 


Criminal-Minds S9


The 100 season 1 starts 
Wednesday 04 June @ 7pm 

After a nuclear Armageddon decimates planet Earth, civilisation is destroyed. Only 400 survivors were found and sent to live on 12 space stations for ninety-seven years. Generations later, the human population has now reached 4000, and resources are running low.

As part of a secret experiment, 100 juvenile prisoners are sent to Earth, to determine whether the planet is fit for humans once again. For the first time in a century, these humans have to navigate the mystical and lethal new earth, overcome their differences and face the fact that the fate of the human race is in their hands.




Silicon Valley season 1 starts 
Friday 27 June @ 9:30pm

In Silicon Valley, five young computer programmers try to strike it rich. Problem is, the nerds are the most unqualified people to handle success.

After Richard, a genius developer, is given two separate and very lucrative offers for his work, he decides to enlist his housemates, Gilfoyle, Big Head and Dinesh to start their own software developing company. These socially awkward up-and-comers want nothing more than to be the next Steve Jobs (or Steve Wozniak) but their lack of business acumen and inability to make general conversation are just some of the many stumbling blocks in their path to greatness.


Rake season 1 starts 
Thursday 12 June @ 8pm 

Keegan Deane is a man of many adjectives: unreliable, outrageous and a pain in the ass. It’s hard to believe that Deane is actually one of the most brilliant and charming defence lawyers in the business.

Though his life is chaotic and his charm is sometimes frustrating, Deane’s belief in justice and optimism makes him the best lawyer in the courtroom- and the only lawyer to be called an obstruction by his fellow attorneys. His self-destructive ways and overindulgences seem to be the only thing he can’t fix-outside of the couthouse of course.


The Tunnel season 1 starts 
Sunday 29 June @ 9pm 

When detectives Karl Roebuck and Elise Wasserman are called in to investigate the death of a French politician, a shocking discovery at the crime scene forces the pair to form an uneasy alliance. Their task is to seek out a politically-motivated serial killer, who draws them into his own spinster agenda.


Parenthood season 5 starts 
Friday 06 June @ 7pm 

The Braverman family return to share life’s ups and downs with one another. With the birth of Jasmine and Crosby’s newborn, the family come together to celebrate the much-anticipated arrival. Meanwhile, Kristina and Adam adapt to life after her cancer ordeal and Hank and Amber reconnect.



Supernatural season 9 starts 
Monday 09 June @ 8pm 

Sam and Dean Winchester return to follow in the path of their father’s footsteps. The brothers have long ago given up the notion of leading normal lives, and have dedicated their own to become hunters instead.

In the season nine premiere, Sam’s health rapidly declines, causing Dean to make a desperate and dangerous plea with the Angels. Meanwhile, Castiel struggles to adjust to life as a mortal.


Covert Affairs season 4 starts 
Wednesday 18 June @ 8pm 

Young CIA trainee Annie Walker works as a field agent with the help of August “Auggie” Anderson, a blind tech operative. In season four, Annie and Auggie continue their relationship, and travel to Columbia in an effort to clear his name. Meanwhile, Joan gets surprising news.


Warehouse 13 season 5 starts 
Monday 02 June @ 9pm 

Warehouse 13 houses the world’s most mystical and mythical artefacts and is guarded by the world’s best Secret Service agents. Set in a covert location, these secret service agents monitor any reports of new objects, while launching an expedition to retrieve any lost artefacts that have been collected over the centuries.

When Paracelsus takes control of the Warehouse in season five, Pete and Myka have to follow him back through time and stop his plan to recreate the world.


warehouse 13S5

Drop Dead Diva season 5 starts 
Tuesday 03 June @ 5:30pm    

After dying in a car accident, a vapid model is miraculously bought back to life- as an intelligent but overweight lawyer. While combing through the best and worst of the cities cases, Jane Bingum hopes to find the meaning of inner beauty.

In season five, Jane searches for Owen following his heart attack, while tackling a case against a major drug company.





Made In Chelsea season 4 starts
Tuesday 03 June @ 10:30pm

Made in Chelsea follows the lives of a group of rich and spoiled young adults, living lives of luxury in South London. These friends face daily dramas in the form of relationships, gossip and outlandish holidays.



Top Chef Masters season 5 starts
Tuesday 10 June @ 8:30pm

Following the original Top Chef, the Masters edition of the series sees thirteen celebrated chefs compete for the coveted title. In a twist, each Master will get the opportunity to have their sous chefs battle it out in an online competition. The first elimination challenge includes cooking in the great outdoors, as the chef’testants are challenged with feeding a professional skydiving team.


MasterChef Canada season 1 starts
Tuesday 17 June @ 7:30pm

The competitive cooking show crosses the seas to Canada, where the Top 16 amateur chefs vie for the title of MasterChef. Judges in the Canadian edition of the series include Claudio Aprile, Michael Bonacini and Alvin Leung.



Capture season 1 starts
Wednesday 18 June @ 8:30pm

Hosted by Luke Tipple, Capture is a reality series that brings twelve teams of two into the wilderness, in a veryHunger Games inspired hunt, to eliminate other teams. The competition takes place predominately in an area termed the Arena and the lasts for a month. With lack of resources and a 250 000 dollar grand prize at stake, contestants have to rely on their individual survival skills and team members to win the game.



Million Dollar Listing NY season 2 starts
Thursday 19 June @ 10:30pm

The professional and personal lives of New York’s most successful real estate agents are chronicled in this reality series. The high-priced estate market in the Big Apple and competitive world of buying and selling high-end properties see these agents contend to seal deals as quick as they can.

In season two, Josh puts a strain on his friendship with a doctor when he tries to sell him a fixer-upper with huge profit potential.


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