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Meet Enyinna Nwigwe – The talented and good-looking Nigerian born Nollywood Actor and Producer on an impressive climb to stardom


Meet Enyinna Nwigwe – The talented and good-looking Nigerian born Nollywood Actor and Producer on an impressive climb to stardom

Nigerian born Nollywood Actor and Producer Enyinna Nwigwe has mounted an impressive climb to stardom during a bi-global career, working in partnership with some of the most respected producers and directors in Africa and beyond.

The talented and good-looking Enyinna Nwigwe is from Imo state, Nigeria. Andy/Yinna (as friends like to call him)is the last of four children born to public servant parents in Nigeria. A graduate of the University of Calabar in Nigeria, Enyinna first made the headlines in Nigeria when as a shy teenager he won the teenage tennis tournament in his state, a title he went on to defend the next year. He began his entertainment career as a runway model and transcended into a much sought after model for print advertising, but ultimately found his calling when he met internationally acclaimed filmmaker Jeta Amata who instantly saw the potential in him and went on to cast him in his first movie role and thus his prominent acting career was born.

Enyinna has been described as the ‘ladies-man’ as his appearance in any movie keeps the girls wanting more. he however shies away from this fact. He believes that he should be judged by his skills rather than his looks.

Beginning in 2005 with starring roles in videos such as ‘Wheel of Change’ and ‘Last Game’ he earned the reputation of a rising star in Nigeria. He continued to land a variety of roles such as an attorney in ‘Games Men Play, He also took it further and dared to go where eagles dread when he played a gay lawyer in “Reloaded”, Enyinna went on to build a more impressive fan base when he took on the role of the philandering bachelor in the Nigerian- Guinness sponsored tv series “ Bachelors”,The leading man in Jeta Amata’s ‘Mary Slessor’ with which he also earned his first “Producer” title and also has Titles like “Sarauniya” (The story of Queen Amina) under his Producer belt, all geared towards preserving the Nigerian heritage. He also starred in “The Amazing Grace”, and most recently starring in the explosive political thriller ‘Black November’ as Tamuno. It is ‘Black November” a riveting film by Jeta Amata which depicts the violence, corruption and human injustice in the Niger Delta that has introduced Enyinna to America and potentially the rest of the world.

Americans have already grown fond of his glowing gifts as an actor with many suggesting that he is a rare combination of Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington. Gaudy accolades to say the least, but a measuring stick for just how great Enyinna Nwigwe can become.

Away from the entertainment scene, sharp witty and business savvy Enyinna Nwigwe is a serial entrepreneur with interests ranging from building & construction to Importation of home remedy products and accessories.

Enyinna is part of the campaign “Save the Niger Delta”, a movement aimed at cleaning up the oil spills in the Niger Delta of Nigeria, one that informed the “Black November” story. He also is doing his bit to take Nollywood to the world and bring the world to Nollywood.

2015 Film Releases:

1. Black November – January 2015 Release (Featuring : Enyinna Nwigwe, Kim Basinger (Oscar Award Winner), Mbong Amata, Mickey Rourke (Oscar Award Nominee) Vivica Fox, Akon, Wyclef, Persia Whyte, Sarah Wayne Callies(Prison Break, Walkung Dead)

2. Thy Will Be Done – 1st Quarter 2015 Release (Directed by Obi Emelonye – Last Flight to Abuja).

3. Silver Rain – March 6th 2015 Release Directed by Juliet Asanteh – Pan African Film, Actors from across Africa & locations across the African continent.

Wheel Of Change (Video) – 2004
Last Game (Video) – 2004
Amazoni (Video) -2004
Tumini’s Song (Video) – 2005
Be My Wife (Video) – 2005
My Brother My Keeper (Video) – 2006
Games Men Play (Video) – 2006
Reloaded (Video) – 2007
Circle Of Love (Video) – 2008
Sweet Pain (Video) – 2008
Garden Of Love (Video) – 2008
The Amazing Grace (Feature) – 2005
Turning Point (Feature) – 2012
Black Gold (Feature) – 2011
Blue Peter ‘Welcome To Nollywood’ (BBC) – 2005
Black November ( Feature) – 2013
Bachelors (Tv) 2006 – 2008
Heaven’s Gate (Tv) 2007 – 2008
Mary Slessor (Tv) -2005
Queen Amina Of Zaria (Tv) – 2008
The Cross River Experience (Stage Musical) 2006
Into The Delta (Documentary) – 2013

– Houston Texas Award
– State of Texas Award of Recognition
– Black November Certificate of Congressional Recognition
– Los Angeles Certificate of Commendation
– Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition
– Best Supporting Actor of The Year (City People Awards)
– Certificate of Recognition for Lead Actor Role in Black November Movie.

Twitter : @A_Yinna
Instagram :
Facebook : Enyinna Nwigwe |Fan Page|
Facebook : Enyinna Yinna Nwigwe





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