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Nigeria’s biggest events directory celebrates 12 months of greatness


Nigeria’s biggest events directory celebrates 12 months of greatness – Nigeria’s biggest events directory created out of the need to chronicle and capture the Nigerian events industry, is celebrating her first year anniversary. Bizzybody is an event directory website application that pools events and happenings around town. A good hub for you to visit when thinking of the next event to attend.

According to Seun Ayeni, the founder of Bizzybody Ng:” BizzybodyNG was born out of a necessity to fill a void, a gap, a need for extra idle hours to be put to use by finding and engaging in activities that can be a source of relaxation, recreation or occupation. We are a perfect ‘go-to’ solution for the user who needs fill that space. Also, a lot of event planners churn out events daily, some of which are poorly attended due to lack of means to get the word out there. BizzyBody NG helps such event planners and organizers to get maximum value for their efforts by boosting attendance and awareness.”

Over the past 12 months, BizzyNody NG has successfully become the number one events directory hub in Nigeria covering high profile entertainment events like Alibaba Jan 1st Concert, Lafup Live in Concert ,Comedy Goes 2 Church and others. Her social media platforms have become a “Mecca” to event enthusiasts.

Speaking on the niche BizzyBody NG fills, Ayeni said there is a disconnected value chain in the blossoming Nigerian events industry.

“We see a disconnected value chain, and this is what BizzyBodyNG hopes to link together. Yes, the values and opportunities are enormous, the industry is booming, but most sections of this industry operate in isolation, and this makes optimization of the inherent values very clumsy for now. For instance, the event vendors push their sales independently and the event organizers try to do a lot of things by themselves when they can actually be linked together seamlessly without any hassles of sourcing or scouting. It’s like having a ready Uber car at the venue of your event to help with logistics without even thinking of booking taxi service days before. You know Uber will always be around, so if there is a link in the value chain that brings Uber to events, then organizers will rather bother themselves with some other things other than logistics.”

Ayeni also shed light on how he was inspired to start BizzyBody Ng. Hear him:” Well, this may sound funny, but BizzyBody NG was borne out of boredom! I was at home on a Saturday, and was itchy to leave the house, but I could not think of a place to go, there was no party to attend and my friends were not living close enough for me to pay them a quick visit, seeing the menace of Lagos traffic at that time.So, I thought of the fact that, there may just be an event going on in one of the numerous event places around my house that I do not know of, and I wished I had a way to find an event close to my house… and then it clicked! I can actually create a web directory cum mobile app that will be able to tell me of the closest event to me at any time. This was the beginning of BizzyBody Ng”

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