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Top Tech Gadgets For 2022


Top Tech Gadgets For 2022

Meta: What are the top tech gadgets for 2022? Click here for our picks of the best.

The year 2022 looks set to be an exciting one in terms of technology. Tech is constantly evolving and improving, with new gadgets emerging onto the market all the time. One common feature that all new tech gadgets seem to share these days is the use of smart technology.

Regardless of whether these gadgets accompany smartphones or function independently, this is usually always apparent. Smart technology can incorporate, for instance, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, automatic functions, light or sound sensors, and lots of other examples of high-tech software.

Most people are familiar with smart technology these days. Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly tech-savvy, you’ll no doubt have used your phone to use the internet, whether that be via streaming music, playing roulette online, or shopping for groceries. But not only are smartphones constantly getting better, the other gadgets we use in our day-to-day lives are being improved as well. Everyday functional items, such as doorbells, are even experiencing smart technological enhancements that make them far superior to their earlier counterparts. Below, we’ll explore some of the most exciting and interesting tech gadgets for 2022.

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell

This slick doorbell from Google is an impressive piece of technology. Not only is it straightforward for you to manage alerts and to set pre-recorded messages, it comes with a range of useful features. The doorbell allows you to see visitors from head to toe or view parcels on the ground using excellent quality HD video. The field of view spans an impressive 160 degrees, whilst the camera also incorporates a detailed zoom feature and facial recognition software. You can see clearly outside your door in the dark because of the doorbell camera’s infrared night vision. And if you’re worried about not hearing your doorbell from upstairs, you can pair it with a display or speaker so that you can’t miss the sound of the chime from wherever you are in your home.

Logitech C920s webcam

For the most professional video calls, this HD webcam provides polished and incredibly crisp detailed images. The HD autofocus and light correction software can adjust to the environment, delivering a consistently clear image in vibrant colours. As well as the exceptional image quality, the Logitech C920s features dual stereo microphones that capture the natural tone of your voice. This robust webcam also includes a 1.2metre cable, a privacy cover for when it’s not being used, and a tilting function so that it can be set to any angle.

Sounwill Bluetooth folding keyboard

Although your smartphone is perfectly capable of typing up documents for work, you might
prefer the feel of a desktop keyboard. Standard-sized keyboards for desktop monitors or laptops
tend to be more accurate and easy to use; thereby there is much less chance of making typing
mistakes when using them. It’s understandable therefore why many people prefer to use proper
desktop keyboards instead of smartphone touchscreens. There is of course the issue with
portability, but that can be resolved with a folding keyboard. The Sounwill model, which is super
lightweight, uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone. This makes this folding
keyboard perfect for people on the go.

Skydio 2+ drone

There is no shortage of drones available on the market, but this new one from Skydio has a unique technology which helps it stand out from its competitors. Through the Skydio 2+’s Keyframe software, you can plan routes, determine complex camera movements and set the speed you want the drone to approach these routes. Furthermore, the drone is particularly user- friendly, enabling ease of operation regardless of skill set. The Skydio + has a Wi-Fi connectivity range of up to 3km and enables GPS tracking.


Technology is advancing at an impressive rate and the gadgets earmarked for release in 2022
certainly look intriguing.

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