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The Africa Tech Summit 2019: What Should You Expect?


The Africa Tech Summit 2019: What Should You Expect?

Technology is evolving by the very minute. So while all the continents in the world are gearing up to take the next leap regarding developing newer and better technology, why should Africa which is the second largest continent in the world after Asia be far behind? It’s not just betting platforms like Betway that is making news in the African tech sector; there is a lot more.

The new year will see the Africa Tech Summit take place in full swing to discuss the future of technological advancement in Africa. In the run-up to the Africa Tech Summit in Kigali, announcements have been made by the organizers about the first thirty-five speakers from across Africa for the pan-African event that is to be held at the Kigali Convention Centre in Rwanda from February 13th to 15th 2019.

So, what exactly is the African Tech Summit?

If you are in the tech industry, you’ll probably know about it. It is the leading African tech even that provides insights and gives African techies the chance to network amongst themselves. It brings together tech leaders, MNO’s, banks, international investors and entrepreneurs and many more essential and eminent people to talk about and drive investment in the field of technology in Africa.

The Summit looks to connect over 400 African corporates, start-ups, investors, creatives and more who will share their insights. The Summit seems to host leaders from the technology industry like Uber, Gearbox, Safaricom, SAP and more at their venue.

Three different conversations will take place at The Future Summit, The Africa Start-up Summit, and The Creative Summit. They aim to drive interactions and talk about the future concerning Artificial Intelligence (AI), the blockchain, space, payments, mobility, cloud technology, connectivity and much more.

How Can the Future Summit Create the Change?

The Future Summit will present insights by experts on emerging technologies, solution and opportunities present in African regarding mobile, digital and technology. The African Start- up Summit, on the other hand, will help in connecting investors and ventures through
sessions that are specially curated for them.

There will be pitching meetings and rooms for deals to be cracked in. The Creative Summit will feature creative innovators who will have intense discussions and leadership sessions that will be useful and inspiring for all.

The entire tech event will help everyone connected to the field of technology and investment in African society to gain from each other. Start-ups can learn from investors; creatives can come together to make something bigger and so on. The event is supposed to be three action-packed days of sharing their knowledge and networking apart from the entertainment that will be provided.

It is touted to help all the nations in the continent of Africa to help generate more revenues  concerning technology. Innovation and funding are the two primary goals of this summit as some of the most brilliant minds of the continent will come together to discuss the future of technology in the continent of Africa.

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