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MTN Project Fame Season 5: Meet Your 15 Contestants


MTN Project Fame Season 5: Meet Your 15 Contestants

The 5th season of the popular TV reality show, MTN Project Fame West Africa has kicked off and a total of 17 contestants as opposed to last year’s 18 have already been inducted into the house. They will start to receive training on vocals, dance and composing music amongst other essential training..

Check out the profiles of each contestant and
MTN Project Fame West Africa now in its Season 5… Meet the Final 15 for this year’s competition and Tell us which contestant(s) you will be voting for this year.
The ever-smiley Adetoun Adekoyais a bubbly 26 year-old woman whose confidence exudes in leaps and bounds. She is a studio-rat as far as she’s concerned, and has done a lot of back-up work for established artistes. Adetoun is a graduate of Mass-Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University and is a caterer for a living. She’s got a very outgoing personality and confesses that even though she is friendly, and a people-person, she is highly competitive in nature.
Ayobami Ayoola Ayolola is the 25 year old personal assistant to a renowned saxophonist. Apart from his involvement in this saxophonist’s band, Ayo’s father is also a pastor and was a choir director for many years. In Ayo’s own words, ‘my father discovered the music in me’ – and for this he is grateful to his dad who he speaks of with pride. Ayo is also a thespian and has had a few stints on television. He says he cannot run away from acting but music is his first love and seeing as this is fifth stab at Project fame West Africa, he intends to milk the opportunity for all it is worth.
Brenda Adigwe is a 16 year old go-getter. She is a third-year mass communication undergraduate of the Littoral University, Porto-Novo, Benin Republic. Brenda tends to come across as older than her age and even though the competition is open to only people eighteen years and above, she returned for another season of auditions to give it another shot and convinced the academy to let her in. Brenda is very close to her mother and hopes to make her proud by going far in the competition and possibly emerging as the winner.
She’s 23 years old, studies Linguistics and African Languages at University of Benin, Edo State – Nigeria, and is in love with a young man who she calls her best friend. He’s a base guitarist and her number one fan apart from her family. Chinyere is the last-born child and she receives a lot of support from her older siblings who are all married and living in their own homes. Chinyere is a bit shy and taciturn but she does express herself well enough and her biggest asset is her crystal-clear cutting-edge voice.
The dark-skinned and very expressive Christian is of mixed Nigerian heritage. His father is Yoruba and his mother is from Benue state. Christian has lived in Markudi for most of his life and is a fourth year Computer-Science student of the Federal University of Agriculture, Markudi, in Benue state, Nigeria. Even though he has lived in the middle belt for most of his life, Christian emphasises that he is a Yoruba boy through and through and nothing can change that. Christian loves television, movies, and travelling. A very jovial sort, Christian does not fail to point out that he is only jovial and happy-go-lucky when he wants to be. He takes his music seriously and intends to win this competition, bringing the first prize back to Benue like Monica Ogah did in Season four.
Dimipre Kosu likes to be known as ‘Diddy’. He is 20 years old and an Engineering fourth-year undergrad at Niger Delta University. Diddy Kosu is playful and has his own style which he believes tends to stand him out from the crowd. He loves rock jazz and soul music and really loves to dance. At the slightest opportunity, Diddy is likely to break into ‘Azonto’ – the now famous dance of Ghanaian origin which the young man seems to have mastered and given his own unique twist.
Edward is a 26 year-old college who’s being doing music and song-writing for a living ever since then. He has a little daughter and a girlfriend both of whom he loves very much. He says he’s a good guy but doesn’t smile much because his eyes have seen ‘too many things’ i.e. gory sights from the war that besieged Sierra-Leone several years ago. Edward says he isn’t religious but is quite spiritual and is very connected to God. He certainly doesn’t see himself as a ladies’ man but is not averse to making new friends along the way, if they can accept him for who he is.
Grace Mark is a smallish twenty-four year old. Pretty-faced and with a chirpy speaking voice, she comes alive when she’s singing. Grace is from a large family – she has nine siblings and apparently, almost everyone in her home has a flair for music.
Joshua Owusu Effriyie is 20 years old, dark skinned, quite charming, and has a personality that draws you in. The young Ghanaian singer says he loves to eat, and therefore, loves to cook. He spends a lot of time in the kitchen but when he isn’t cooking up a storm, he is really into his video games and his music. Joshua plays the saxophone, the guitar and the keyboard and is a staunch Arsenal Football Club fan.
Kemi is a 20 year-old ND-1 student of Federal Polytechnic, Offa – Kwara State. She grew up with her mother who is a fashion designer. Kemi is also a talented seamstress but unlike her mother, is yet to master the art of cutting design-patterns. Kemi loves singing and wants to take it to the highest height. She believes she picked up the talent from her father who used to sing and play several instruments during his lifetime.
Marvellous Odiete is 33 years old. He is a graduate of the University of Ibadan. His father is a pastor and Marvellous sometimes works in the church’s music department. Marvellous has a very strong voice which he seems to know how to use well. Having done some studio gigs to earn a living, he believes it is time for him to take the bold step and do something really big with his talent, hence his participation in the competition. Marvellous says that despite his desire to win, he only sees himself as a competitive person, but not a desperate one and so he intends to do the best he can, take advantage of the platform which MTN Project Fame West Africa presents, and see where this takes him.
Musulyn Myers is a 19 year-old Liberian girl who likes to laugh a lot. Bubbly-spirited and sweet, Musulyn says she is kind-hearted and likes to put a smile on people’s faces. Musulyn is best friends with her mother but points out that it hasn’t always been that way. As a result of the war, she and her mum had to move to the United States of America when the young Musulyn was two years old and only returned three years ago in Musulyn’s mid-teens. Musulyn says that having grown into a young adult, she finds that she and her mother understand each other a lot more and so their relationship is tighter now than it ever was. She loves singing and dancing and also plays the keyboard.
Oyinkansade Akande, is a dark-skinned handsome young man with a calm demeanour and an air of wisdom around him. Oyinkansade knows what he wants and this isn’t a new trait of his. Always hoping to have formal knowledge of music, Oyinkansade felt that the stars shined on him when he finally got the opportunity to study music in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. He now has a diploma in the subject and is happy to have made the choice to go for it when he did. He however feels that he doesn’t know enough about music to make a successful career of it and for this reason he hopes to go far in the Project Fame West Africa competition. Oyinkansade is south-pawed and plays the left-handed guitar.
Sonia Obi is a 22 year old student of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution at the National Open University. She is social and likes to talk. She however tends to be pretty sensitive and emotional especially concerning her late mother whose ring she still wears as a keepsake.
 Tega Apochie is a 22 year-old Delta State babe who has a non-identical twin brother Tejiri. Tega loves singing but if she wasn’t following the path of music, she would like to try her hands at fish-farming. She has her own style fashion-wise and readily admits to liking attention

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