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Gulder Ultimate Search: Episode 25 (Uzor Evicted For Disobedience, Onyinye Emerges Last Female Contestant Standing)


Gulder Ultimate Search: Episode 25 (Uzor Evicted For Disobedience, Onyinye Emerges Last Female Contestant Standing)

Uzor Osimpka became the second contestant to be evicted from Gulder Ultimate Search 9 not for failing a challenge. The first was Ayo Ojueromi who got evicted in Episode 6 for misplacing her Golden key. Uzor was sent packing for relieving herself of the burden of the Stump of Shame: she removed it from her leg twice. It is forbidden for contestants to remove the Stump of Shame unless directed to do so by Chidi Mokeme, the Anchor man; and this must be at the task location.

Uzor’s shock eviction elevated Onyinye Udodi to the position of Last Female contestant, which attracts an additional cash prize of N1 million. Onyinye also won the day’s challenge, making it a double victory for her. It marked the first time she won a solo task and she became Head Warrior of the camp.

The day’s challenge was ‘Prison Break’. The survivors were suspended via a harness in a caged prison. The objective was to free themselves using keys to unlock padlocks. The first key would unlock the padlock which strapped them to suspended harnesses while the second key would open the padlock to their cages thus setting them free. The keys hung from bamboos placed at a distance from their cages and they had to make poles out of sticks to enable them retrieve the keys.

After getting out of prison, they were to race across a river to unlock a chest and obtain a piece of puzzle with the keys which they obtained from Episode 20’s task.

Paschal Eronmose finished second, Nuhu Zigwayi emerged third while Adah James was last to complete the task. For his dismal performance, James was once again burdened with the Stump of Shame.

Paschal was also directed by Chidi to submit the three pieces of calabash which was kept under his care by the Council of Elders, for emerging victorious in various tasks.

For more exciting episodes of Gulder Ultimate Search 9, the Gatekeeper’s Fortune, stay tuned to the following stations: AIT, AfricaMagic World (DStv), Real Star (StarTimes), Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC) and ITV (Benin) at 10pm WAT.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Precious green

    November 14, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    I appreciate gulder first of all,for creating a quest such as the G.U.S.actualy lots of shout outs 2 ma beautiful onyiye n pascal,those guys are realy good.i love them.

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